Cooking in Hoyum?!

Posted on Tuesday, November 12th, 2013 by Kallie Eberling

If you’ve ever tried the ready to bake themed holiday cookies you’ll know that you can’t just eat one. While at Target the other day, I saw they had Reindeer, Snowman, and Christmas tree sugar cookies for sale.

After remembering that  their is an oven and kitchen in the basement of Hoyum, and all the dorms, I decided I was going to be baking some cookies! If I didn’t decide to bake them, they’re just as good not cooked! I checked out a pan and spatula from the front desk; the good think about these cookies is that you don’t need a mixing bowl and their isn’t much clean up. The cookies took ten minutes to bake, I put them in a plastic zip lock bag and have been eating them throughout the week. I think it’s about time to go get  another box of cookies at Target.

Multiple people stopped by and asked what smelled so good! It’s great to have cookies, but it’s also great to make friends in the process!

Anyway, the dorms are a great place to do baking. Everything you could possibly need can be borrowed from the front desk. Their is rarely anyone ver using the kitchen, so you’ll be able to cook at almost anytime!


I made halloween pumpkins a couple weeks ago! :)

I made halloween pumpkins a couple weeks ago! :)

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