Concordia’s Recycling Program

Posted on Thursday, March 17th, 2016 by Sage Thornbrugh

My roommate, Jesse Partee, is pictured here taking the pledge to pick up litter. Photo credit goes to Concordia College Eco-Reps.

My roommate, Jesse Partee, is pictured here taking the pledge to pick up litter. Photo credit goes to Concordia College Eco-Reps.

At our house, we recycle. That’s actually fairly a fairly common event in houses in Moorhead–all of the houses on our street recycle, and, on the recycling days for other streets, we see almost all of the other houses following suit. Not only is the off-campus housing community fairly effective at recycling, but Concordia’s on-campus housing is now becoming increasingly active in recycling.

When I lived in campus–I feel like an old person reminiscing on better times when I say it like that–our recycling system was not great. It still isn’t great, unfortunately, due to lack of access to nearby facilities, but has become a little bit better in terms of how it encourages students to recycle, as well as making known the recycling stations around campus.

The problem with Concordia’s recycling program as of right now is that all of the recycling stations are so far apart. Rather than having recycling stations which have all of the various recyclables at the single station, they have different materials which have to be recycled at different stations around campus. For example, metal recyclables might be over near Anderson, while plastic stations can be found in the dorms, and papers stations are also spread out throughout campus. If Concordia really wants to encourage more students to recycle, it should make it more readily available to on-campus students, who sometimes prefer to just throw a recyclable into the refuse bin, rather than put it in a separate bag and have to walk across campus eventually.

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