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TEDX Concordia for the first time!

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Today is the day!

Tonight, beginning at 5:30 p.m. Concordia’s first ever TED X event will be held. The event will include nine awesome speaker who are related to Concordia in some way or another. Each speaker will talk on an experience they have gone through. All of the talks will be related to the theme PIVOT. According to the TED student planning committee pivot involves, “transformative moments that challenge the familiar and inspire action.” Many speakers will talk about moments in their lives that have challenged them to pivot onto a new life path.

I am very excited for the event since I will be working as a volunteer. I am a part of the Photography and Media group. Here I will be working with a lot of the social media components of the event.

The event will be held in Barry Auditorium, and it will last until 9:30 p.m., and it will include a break for horderves. The event sold out completely this year, but if you were not able to snag a ticket it’s no problem. You can watch all of the TED talks from the comfort of your own home- or dorm. The even twill be live streamed through USTREAM- check it out here!.

Getting Barry all ready to go with an awesome vinyl from Office Sign Company.

Getting Barry all ready to go with an awesome vinyl from Office Sign Company.


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Katie is pumped about Glowga!

Katie is pumped about Glowga!

Tonight, Dance Marathon hosted a really cool event for the first time. Our fearless leader Katie thought of the really cool idea to host glow-in-the-dark yoga to raise money for the kids! We charged only $2 for admission and we provided a whole bunch of glow sticks and yoga mats for everyone. We managed to get a really great yoga instructor that works in the area to volunteer her time for us. Hannah works at the wildly popular Haute Yogis in Fargo so we were lucky to have her. After passing out the glow sticks and turning out the lights, it was actually a really tough workout! Hannah did a vinyasa flow yoga with us and didn’t hold back. She incorporated a lot of poses that were complicated and required a lot of balance! But still, I felt like I got a really good workout! And it was really cool to do it in the dark! For one, it was nice because no one could see how horrible I was at doing the poses. Secondly, it was fun because it was something different than my usual work out! I usually do yoga at least twice a week, but it usually is with all the lights on and no glowsticks…so it was a nice for a change of scenery! And, we raised some money FOR THE KIDS!

Stop Teasing Us!

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The view from our back window, which actually look kind of nice with the snow. I just don't want it there anymore.

The view from our back window, which actually look kind of nice with the snow. I just don’t want it there anymore.

Winter just doesn’t want to see to leave, unfortunately. Over Easter break, there has been yet another day which has blessed us–though I’m not sure blessed is the correct term–with another day of snow. It’s getting kind of old at this point.

After the few days of sunshine and 60+ degree weather we got a couple of weeks ago, I’ve never really been satisfied with this nonsense weather that Moorhead keeps throwing our way. Just when you think it’s all gone…the snow finds a way back. All i’m asking is for the the weather to stop teasing us.

After another nice day on Sunday (it is predicted to be 50+) degrees, we will apparently be receiving another few days of cold, after which the weather is supposed to warm up again. I’d really just like mother nature to pick a side, finally.

I want to be able to go outside in a sweater–at the very most–and walk to class without having to bundle up like an Eskimo. I feel like, at this point in the year, I’m not asking too much. It’s coming up really close to April, with less than a month until school is over. If we could get a few warm days of class that would be awesome.


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concordia-dm-ft5k-registration-logo-2870Exactly one week from today, Dance Marathon is hosting their first annual FT5K and it is going to be saweeeeeet! Dance Marathon is a nationwide organization that raises money for local children’s hospitals so that they can get the specialized care that they need! A lot of the times, regular medical instruments and equipment is made for adult sized patients, so it can be difficult for hospitals to keep up with the latest technology AND purchase both adult and child medical equipment. In addition, hospital stays can be scary and children can be in a lot of pain due to their medical condition, so a lot of dance marathon’s money goes towards making their hospital stays more comfortable and fun for children! So one week from today, Concordia’s Dance Marathon is hosting a 5k to raise money for our special cause and to help us reach our goal of raising $25,ooo for the kids! If you want to help us reach our goal, and run a fun 5k, sign up for the 5k we are hosting next Saturday!! You don’t even have to be in the Fargo/Moorhead area to run because you can run a virtual 5k! If you sign up before March 16th, you get a free tshirt! So sign up now by going to Concordia Dance Marathon’s Facebook page!

San Diego Adventures

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Baby sea lions beach!

Baby sea lions beach!

This past week has been an absolute dream. And this break has been so beautifully long that I honestly forgot that it had to end. I’ve been so lucky to get to be in San Diego for my break and I’ve experienced so many cool adventures that I can’t believe I have to leave here in a couple of days for (the unseasonably warm but still pretty cold) Minnesota! However, I’ve been able to partake in some really cool adventures these past couple of days! First, we went on a really cool kayaking tour of the underwater sea caves! I’ve gotta say, kayaking in the ocean is a super cool experience!! At the end, we got to “kayak surf” on the waves back into shore! Also, when we were out in the ocean, a whole bunch of dolphins came and swam up to our kayaks and checked us out a bit! It was super cool! Next, we went and walked around the harbors to look at the sea lions! This was the really cool part because we actually got to see a sea lion give birth and see a baby sea lion’s first hour on earth!! It was a cute little thing that had no clue how to swim or pull itself onto land. It was seriously so cute!!! I can’t wait for the next adventures I’m going to have these next couple of days!