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Gia Rassier

Love Always, Class of 2010

Posted in Gia Rassier on May 1st, 2010 by Gia – 4 Comments

“Graduation is only a concept.
In real life every day you graduate.
Graduation is a process that goes on
until the last day of your life.
If you can grasp that, you’ll make a difference.”

– Arie Pencovici

Tomorrow is the last day of my academic career at Concordia college. Its been a beautiful, intense, crazy, wonderful four years that I wouldn’t have missed for the world.

It still seems like just yesterday that I walked into a crowded Memorial Auditorium for my first day of Orientation as a freshman. I’ll never forget what it was like looking up at a packed bleachers filled with signs, excitement and several hundred students who were filled with the same mix of emotions as me. Tomorrow, I’ll graduate with the same  former strangers who have now become my closest friends and family.

Though some of us are moving to other cities, states and even countries, I know that we will meet again. Its both an end and a beginning of something old, new and all together beautiful.

Senior Banquet: posing for a photo with a few of my favorite boys =)

Tomorrow I transition from a student to an alumna and begin my venture into this world a completely different person than when I first stepped foot on campus. Here, I’ve had intensely beautiful friendships with people who have challenged and inspired me, both between fellow students, faculty and staff. Here, I’ve become a person who knows what I stand for and what I believe. Here, I’ve had life-changing experiences that have given me different perspectives on the world – and myself.

I’ve grown up here and there will always be a place in my heart for Concordia.

Thank you all for joining me on this journey through my senior year of college. Thank you for all of the support through all the success, failure and mental meltdowns (you know who you are). Most of all, thank you for the memories and making my time at Concordia the best four years of my life.

Love and peace always,
Soli Deo Gloria

Gia Elizabeth

Cobb Prom 2010

Posted in Gia Rassier on April 22nd, 2010 by Gia – 1 Comment

Three years ago, my best friend and darling roommate Anna Jeanne Grimm came up with the brilliant plan to host prom – in college. I believe the idea was born due to some old curtains in our living room and a comment like “those look like a bad backdrop for prom pictures.” Anna paired up with our friend Megan Rice to create a theme (A night to remember), guest list and rules.

Prom 2008: The Ladies

Prom 2008: The Gentlemen

Prom 2008: The Gentlemen

The rules of prom are simple:

1.) No dates
2.) Invite only
3.) Formal attire required

"Under the Sea" - Most of the crew from prom 2009

A few weeks later, the invitations were in CPO’s and we were all dressed to the nines at Applebees, taking pictures and having an absolute blast. That was prom 2008.

In 2009, our prom was almost thwarted by extreme flooding in the Red River – but our spirits could not be quenched…get it!? 🙂  Prom was held despite record river levels, with the theme “Under the Sea.”

This year – our senior year, was the last and final prom of our college career. To commererate the occassion, the theme was “This is it: peace out.”

Prom 2010: Senior year

In order to accomadate a large guest list, the event was hosted at Ushers, with traditional pictures before dinner at 901 (our house). Prom 2010 was definitely a success – with much thanks to the fantastic DJ skills of Kent Kolstad, owner of the popular Livewire Entertainment. However, this incredible tradition wouldn’t have been possible without the visionary, creator and honorary prom queen: Anna Grimm!

From left to right, 2008, 2009 and 2010 with two of my best friends

One for One: It’s hard without shoes

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My favorite pair of TOMS <3

Most of the TOMS @Concordia Group 🙂

Today, I was barefoot all day – on purpose, for a reason.

Thanks to the TOMS shoes event “One Day Without Shoes,” I got a miniscule taste of what life is like for millions of people around the world.  The goal of the event was to experience a life without shoes firsthand, and to help spread awareness of the impact a simple pair of shoes can bring to someone’s life. TOMS is founded on the One for One business model – for every pair of shoes purchased, another pair is sent to a child overseas.


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“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Ghandi

P.S. CNN picked up my story via iReport and my video has been viewed over 30,000 times (and counting)!


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Turns out that working 40+ hours in the middle of the night makes people act strange...who knew?

It’s official, my last academic break as a college student is over. How did I spend these last days of freedom? Exactly the same way as I’ve spent 80% of the breaks during my time here: working.

In no specific order, here is a breakdown of my break – the lows, the highs and lessons learned.

1. Fjelstad is a lonely place.
39 hours of quality time at this desk and I have yet to see a single soul save my trusty sidekick Katie.

2. Scramble is addicting.
Despite popular opinion, Facebook’s most addicting application
is not Farmville or MafiaWars, but Scramble: the best word game since Scrabulous.

3. Chatroulette is strange – but also addicting. I’ve seen some things I wish I hadn’t, but also made several legit friends in the process. (visit at your own risk, learn more here)

4. Doritos finally resurrected their Cheeseburger chips! Seriously. Best thing ever. Check them out in the snack aisle at your nearest grocery store today!

5. iTunes Store is a dangerous, dangerous place. Enough said…almost. I hate how you have all this amazing music – and then BAM, you get that e-mail receipt. Totally kills the mood.

6. Spring has sprung – literally. Happened across this lovely feat of athleticism last week  on campus. Pretty impressive, yes?


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Water.Is.Life. [Isn’t it Ironic?]

Posted in Gia Rassier on March 22nd, 2010 by Gia – 6 Comments
Traffic on I-29 in South Fargo, March 21st (Photo by Spencer Green, AP)

Traffic on I-29 in South Fargo, March 21st (Photo by Spencer Green, AP)

Spirits are high in Fargo Moorhead today as the Red River appears to have crested yesterday at 36.99 feet, nearly 4 feet lower than last year’s record.  Though the lower crest means little flood damage and a lot relief, there is still A TON of water.

This morning, I woke up – took a huge gulp of the water  and went to campus without a second thought.


This morning, almost one billion people on the planet woke up without access to clean, safe, drinking water. One billion people. Thats 1 in 8 of the world’s population.

Today is World Water Day.

ethiopia-charity-water-photo11While our community celebrates the fact that our city was relatively untouched by rising waters, millions of people struggle to find enough to quench their thirst. Its incredible to think that unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation cause 80% of all sickness and disease, and kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war.

Today, take a moment to consider the water we so often drink without a second thought. How are you conserving resources? What are you doing to raise awareness? How are you helping to create and inspire change?

Want some more resources or to get involved? Check out some of the helpful links below:

  • Charity: water
    Non-profit initiative based in NYC that focuses on bringing water to developing nations. $2o can give a person in Africa clean, safe drinking water for 20 years. 100% goes to direct project costs. (One of my all-time favorite organizations! I made an annual report for class last semester. Check it out here)
  • Overlooked
    Easy. Simple. Practical. Help prevent homelessness, increase awareness about sexual slavery or provide clean water – all by simply buying a t-shirt. We all wear them, so why not make a difference doing so?charity water
  • Water: Use It Wisely
    Change starts with one. Try implementing 1 or 100 of these ways to conserve water.
  • World Water Day Official Site
    Get the facts straight from the source about history, various events and purpose of World Water Day 2010: Clean Water for a Healthy World

Remember, water is life.