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Rachel Meier

We Did It!

Posted in Rachel Meier on May 5th, 2013 by Rachel Meier – Be the first to comment

Well, it’s here guys. Yep, graduation. As well as my final COBBlog post.

There are so many things running through my mind. Other than the fact that I got the keys to an apartment this past Wednesday, I have no clue where I am headed in life after today since I don’t have a job yet. There are so many options and possibilities. So many things that I could just decide I want to do. The trick is just figuring out how to get there.

My friend Nicole and I all ready to graduate!

My friend Nicole and I all ready to graduate!

Over the past four years at Concordia I haven’t just gained an education that led me to my two degrees (I double majored in Marketing and Communication), but I’ve gained many friends, mentors, and a huge support network that is cheering for me to do great things in life. Probably one of the best things I did in my time at Concordia is get part time jobs in more than one office on campus. Each of the wonderful staff members in those offices have given me lots of support and encouragement throughout my time here when it came to getting my homework done to now where I’m at the point of trying to find a full time job. They’ve cheered me on when I’ve had interviews, and have shared many uplifting thoughts and encouragement when things haven’t quite turned out the way I had hoped.

So, as I say goodby to being a student, and hello to being an alumnae of Concordia, I am reminded by the people around me how incredibly blessed I have been to attend school here, and to have gotten to know the people that I know. Although it is hard to say goodbye for now, I am excited (and extremely nervous) to start the next chapter of my life and see where God leads me next in life. To all of you that have followed my stories the past four years, thank you for reading them, and for all the support you have given me. It really means a lot!

Congratulations, Concordia class of 2013! We did it!

The Last of Lasts

Posted in Rachel Meier on April 29th, 2013 by Rachel Meier – 1 Comment

Today, April 29th, 2013 marks the last day of my college classes. I’m all done with homework, and attending class periods. All I have left to accomplish this semester is one take home exam, and two in-class finals. I really don’t anticipate it being a rough finals week, which is a relief after the crazy busyness of last week.

There are a few things that I will miss about not being a student anymore. I’ll miss being in the classroom having discussions with professors and other students. I’ll miss walking around campus seeing friends everywhere I go, and most of all I’ll miss the relationships that I have built over the past four years here at Concordia. Sure, I’ll keep in touch with people and I’ll let them know what I’m up to, and where I’m working, and how life has changed for me, but it won’t be the same as just stopping by a professors office, or chatting with the ladies at work.

In the words of Cindy, "Do great, be great."

In the words of Cindy, “Do great, be great.”

In my final class of the day today, Health Communication with Cindy Larson-Casselton, I walked into the classroom to see Cindy all excited because she had brought us treats to celebrate the last day of the capstone course. We all quickly gave our final presentations for the class and Cindy poured us all a glass of sparkling grape or apple juice, and gave us each a carrot cake cupcake. With drinks in hands, Cindy asked us to raise our glasses for a toast. She wished all of us seniors well on our journeys after college, and to everyone else a great summer.

There may or may not have been a few tears in the room once Cindy was done with her toast. It certainly was bittersweet to share a drink and some cake with the class knowing that it was the last time that we would all meet together.

Here’s to the last four years.

Bill Gates at Concordia

Posted in Rachel Meier on April 27th, 2013 by Rachel Meier – 3 Comments

This morning, over 3,800 people welcomed Bill Gates to Concordia’s campus. This event was one that has been talked about in the weeks and days leading up to this morning, and there were a lot of hours of work that went into getting Concordia prepared to have Bill Gates here, as well as preparation so that the event would go off without any issues or problems.

Bill Gates answering student questions at the event this morning.

Bill Gates answering student questions at the event this morning.

Due to the connections that I have on campus with my positions in the Advancement Office I was able to get the “inside” view of the entire event. I saw the way that things were being planned out, how different aspects of the main event along with the other smaller events on campus were happening this weekend, as well as ushering at the event and helping people find their seats.

In exchange for being an usher and helping out, I was able to receive a reserved seat in the very front row as a thank you for giving time out of my weekend to help the event go smoothly. It was really cool to have a front row seat and be able to see everything that was happening on stage. There were a group of students that were on stage asking Bill Gates questions about how he views sustainability and philanthropy, and what he views as important in the world. He seemed very down to earth, and very genuine which shined through everything that he shared with us today.

As a soon-to-be graduate of Concordia, it was very exciting having someone such as Bill Gates come to campus and share his views and thoughts with all of us. I certainly do thing that the kindness and generosity of Bill Gates is one to be admired, and I do hope that I will be able to put my skills and knowledge to good use as he has been able to do with his skills and knowledge. I think it is safe to say that Bill Gates knows how to BREW, and he knows how to BREW well, which is certainly a Cobber thing to do.

Dinner and Philanthropy

Posted in Rachel Meier on April 26th, 2013 by Rachel Meier – Be the first to comment

If you haven’t heard yet, Bill Gates is coming to campus! And not only is he just coming to campus, but he is coming tomorrow

Ever since the event was announced in the middle of Spring Break people have been talking about it. Questions are flying around and people are wondering who is paying for Bill Gates to speak, what is he going to talk about, why exactly is he coming, where can I get a ticket, and the list of questions certainly goes on.

We have some pretty important people here, and (I believe.. I may be wrong on this) between the contacts that people have here they were able to discuss with the Bill Gates Foundation to have him come and talk at the dedication/official opening event for the Offutt School of Business. Out of generosity Bill Gates is coming to talk to the students for free.

The Founders Day Banquet! It truly was beautiful.

The Founders Day Banquet! It truly was beautiful.

Founders Weekend is probably one of my favorite weekends at Concordia. It is always fun to see the alums and friends of the college come back to visit with us students, and my favorite part is to thank them for all that they do for Concordia. It is so great, I think, that so many people give their time and money to Concordia to provide students like me with the opportunity to learn at such a wonderful place.

In other news, I had my loan exit counseling this week, and I found out the exact amount I own with my loans. Oof, it is up there! But as always Founders Day comes as a reminder that it could be a lot more than it already is, and to that I’m thankful. So to the donors, thank you. You may not hear it from all of us students all the time, but we really do appreciate all that you do for us and the college.

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Posted in Rachel Meier on April 25th, 2013 by Rachel Meier – Be the first to comment

With graduation quickly approaching it is hard not to think about the past four years and everything that has happened. Coming into Concordia as a freshman back in 2009 seems oh so long ago, yet at the same time feels like yesterday. The 8 months of the school year fly right on by each year without you even realizing that they are moving as quickly as they tend to.

My little brother and I on our trip to Concordia my Freshman year

My little brother and I on our trip to Concordia my Freshman year

I remember freshman year when my parents dropped me off. I’m the one out of the six of us kids in my family that has typically been ready to step out on my own and face a new adventure by myself. So when it was time for my parents and younger brother (who has graciously accompanied me every year to campus in the fall) to leave they wanted to stick around but I was more than ready for them to head out so I could officially start the next “book” in my life. The transition into freshman year was a bit bumpy, as it is for most freshmen, but I quickly figured out how much I could handle, and what a good amount of extracurricular activities were for me that year.

Sophomore year was a tough one personally with some relationship changes with friends and having to live by myself in a dorm room for most of the year. However, this helped me to grow quite a bit. I think sophomore year was the one where I was probably the goofiest and did the silliest things throughout the year. It certainly was sad at the end of the year that college was then half done, and since the first two years flew right on by I knew the next two would go even faster.

Junior year was crazy busy, as I think it is for all juniors. I was constantly on the go from one thing to the next and my schedule was filled with lots of homework, projects, group meetings and work. I enjoyed every minute of it however, and I built some great relationships along the way.

First day of senior year! With my friends Brit and Nicole

First day of senior year! With my friends Brit and Nicole

That brings me to this year: Senior year. I’ve made a lot of great memories this year, and have gotten to be really close with a few of my friends. It’s hard knowing that the year is almost over, and in two weeks from now I will be all packed up and moved out of my townhouse. I’ll have to say “see you later” to my friends and my lovely roommate, and hope that even though we are all headed different directions we will all see each other soon.

So word to the wise Freshmen – Enjoy every moment. We all say that college goes by quickly, but you don’t realize how quickly it goes until you are at the end of the four years wondering where all the time went. So make lots of friends, lots of memories, work hard, and most of all enjoy every moment of it.