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Hi! My name is Brianna Drevlow and I am a freshman at Concordia College. I hail from Thief River Falls, MN and I am the oldest of eleven, yes, eleven children. I am a Music Composition/Theory and Piano Performance major and someday I would like to compose soundtracks for major motion pictures. At Concordia, I am in the Symphonia and Theater Pit Orchestras as a cellist, I accompany people on piano, and write these lovely blogs for you to read. :) In my spare time I love music, writing, mixing tracks, theater, forensics, pageants, traveling, laughing, and chocolate chip cookies, and Concordia is the perfect place for all of that…and more! Follow me on all of my adventures at Concordia and also feel free to check out my website, www.briannadrevlow.com. For more information on Concordia College, visit www.cord.edu

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Speech Sections Tournament

Posted in Brianna Drevlow on April 13th, 2013 by bdrevlow – Be the first to comment

Holy moly, this weekend is jam packed with stuff going on!  But hey, that’s always a good thing.  It keeps me out of trouble and give me things to blog about right?  Staying positive, folks 🙂

Yesterday was the MSHSL 8AA Speech Sections Tournament.  As you may recall, I am a speech coach for Moorhead High School and we brought over 50 of our top speakers to the Sections Tournament against other well-prepared teams, such as St. Cloud Tech, Bemidji, Thief River Falls, Little Falls, and others.  It was a long day, with the actual tournament starting at 4pm and not finishing until 12AM, but our speakers were troopers the whole day.  In the end, we had EVERYONE on our team break to the semi-final rounds and from there, we have 23 speakers advancing to the Class AA State Tournament next weekend at Blaine High School in the Cities.  Even better, Moorhead earned 147 team points and won the title of Section Champions for the 19th year in a row.  How amazing is that?!

Section Champs!

Section Champs!

I am so unbelievably proud of these speakers.  Yet, timing during the prelims and final rounds of Storytelling, (the category I mainly competed in) was a little bittersweet.  Sweet because I got to watch Moorhead speakers and even my own sister, Brielle, compete, but it just reminded me now that another season has come and gone too fast!  I can’t wait for next winter to start up yet another speech season…although with the snow we have been receiving it sure does look like winter outside…


These are the storytellers Ben and I coach; Anne, Shontel, Taylor, and Heidi. So proud of all of them! Beautiful hardware, ladies!

Storytelling poses :) Love them!

Storytelling poses 🙂 Love them!

Good luck SpudSpeech! Until next time!



Dancing the Night Away

Posted in Brianna Drevlow on April 10th, 2013 by bdrevlow – 1 Comment

Yesterday, I tried something that I thought I would never do.  Yes, ladies and gents, I tried Zumba.  I zumba-ed, zumba-fied, zumba-ing…you get the idea.  At first, I wasn’t too sure I was going to enjoy myself.  Granted, I love to dance, but I thought that since this was my first time, I was going to look like a fool in front of everyone else and fall flat on my face.  I was skeptical, but my friends Lauren and Olivia urged me to do it with them and give it a try.

I walked into one of the smaller aerobic workout rooms and already, I see a room full of people waiting to get their groove on and the instructor wearing a jingly skirt and a huge smile on her face.  “Oh boy,” I thought, “What have I gotten myself into?”  I looked around the room.  There were a few people I knew, and some fresh faces, but I felt pretty lost and clueless as to what was going on.  “Should I be stretching?  Or doing something? Ahhh, I don’t know what’s happening!”  The instructor asked “So how many of you have done Zumba before?”  Surprisingly, only about half of the room had done this.  I wasn’t the only newcomer!  Soon, everyone formed into three  big lines and the instructor blasted some dance-remix music through the speakers and told us to follow her and for the next hour, we danced the night away.  I didn’t even know I was working out until the very end, when I realized my legs were sore and I was breaking a sweat. Who knew dancing could be so fun and yet so exhausting?

So my verdict on this Zumba craze:  Definitely going again.  I am so glad I gave it a shot.

Moral of the story:  Even if you don’t know if you’ll like it, just give it a chance.  Who knows, you may end up liking it more than you thought, in fact you may like it so much it will make you want to dance. 🙂


Until next time!

Welcome to Northern Minnesota.

Posted in Brianna Drevlow on April 6th, 2013 by bdrevlow – 1 Comment

As I was home during Easter Break, I happened to notice this happening at my old middle school…


Until next time!

Whew! Happy Easter!

Posted in Brianna Drevlow on March 30th, 2013 by bdrevlow – 1 Comment

So, as you may have guessed, we Cobbers are on Easter break.  Notice the word “break.”  As in “take a break.”  Most students use this time to enjoy the holidays and completely relax.  I, on the other hand, am continually finding myself busy, even on break, but that’s always a good thing 🙂  Since I have been home, I have prepared and played for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and am preparing for tomorrow’s Easter Sunday services at one of the local churches in Thief River Falls.  Not only that, but with preparation for a HUGE family dinner tomorrow afternoon, coloring eggs, keeping fresh on my piano/cello practice, and sneaking a bite or two of chocolate every now and then, Easter is always a busy time of year for me and my family.  But as I am typing this post, I am realizing how fast my time at school has gone by.  This is my last break until the summer.   I have only one month left until I am 1/4th of the way towards my undergrad degree.  It is amazing to think how much I have changed and grown since August 26th, the day I left the nest.  Wow.  That’s all I have to say.

Well, enough rambling from me 🙂  I hope you have a wonderful Easter with your families and friends!  Enjoy these pictures of eggs I colored…my Cord colors are bleeding through 😉

My Kernel Cobb egg....kinda looks like a pineapple but whatevs.  It's the thought that counts.

My Kernel Cobb egg….kinda looks like a pineapple but it’s cool…it’s the thought that counts.


My artwork themes:1. Polka Dots2. Les Miserables (Cosette's face)3. Anchors Away4, A lion5.  Frank Sinatra6.  Kernel Cobb7. My name

My artwork themes:
1. Polka Dots
2. Les Miserables (Cosette’s face)
3. Anchors Away
4, A lion
5. Frank Sinatra
6. Kernel Cobb
7. My name


Until next time!

No Day Like Snow Day!

Posted in Brianna Drevlow on March 20th, 2013 by bdrevlow – Be the first to comment

On Monday, the Fargo-Moorhead area was hit once again with a post-St. Patrick’s Day blizzard.  Being that campus was closed and my homework was done, my besties/future roommates and I needed something fun to do.  Since it wouldn’t have been a good idea to go outside, we decided to stay indoors and turn my room into one giant fort.  Needless to say, it was the bomb dot com.  It was huge; it had two mattresses, a ton of blankets and pillows, a lamp, a fridge and microwave, and some pretty awesome people inhabiting it.

We later invited some friends over and ordered a few pizzas and played a card game.  It was a great way to kick back, have some classic fun, and just go back to the days of when we used to be in elementary school and having your own fort was the coolest thing ever.

Girls OnlyNo Boys Allowed!...Fo Real...

Girls Only
No Boys Allowed!
…Fo Real…

Oh, and Happy Spring…although it still looks like January outside…but that’s Minnesota for you! 🙂

Until next time!