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Here Comes the Sun

Posted in Hannah Vogt on April 30th, 2010 by hcvogt – 1 Comment

The weather is a bit drippy outside, but for us students, summer has just begun!

Here comes the sun, the kayaking, the flowers, the relief and more.

Reality has yet to completely set in, but I am now only one year away from graduating!

My plans for the summer are to work on applications for physical therapy doctoral programs, study for and take the GRE, work as a CNA, learn how to play the guitar (more than chords…), brush up on my Danish, do some traveling in Europe, and spend as much time outside as possible. Quite a few things to accomplish in a few months? Maybe, but the busier I get with school, the more I want to do with my time off!

coolest shirts ever!

Well, it’s wonderful to end the school year with virtually no complaints. My anatomy and physiology class was by far the best class I have ever taken and we were able to go out with a bang as we showed up to our final wearing shirts that say “I heart anatomy,” Dr. Rutherford affirmed that it was alright to be hard-core nerds.

Joy is spreading all around campus today and I love it.

Here’s some celebratory words from Jason Mraz: “Good God, get em up real high, can you gimme that high five? Good times, get em way down low and gimme gimme that low dough. Good God, bring em back again, gimme gimme that high ten!”

Good Job all, we made it through another year! Enjoy the summer!

Grandma, Model, Cook… Student?

Posted in Hannah Vogt on April 23rd, 2010 by hcvogt – 4 Comments

Another crazy fun week has gone by and now only one more week remains!

Last Saturday, Concordia held a tri-college Relay for Life event and it was AWESOME!

This year I was a missions co-chair on the committee and it was fun to how a year’s worth of work become a success. A bunch of poor college kids from MSUM, MSCTC and Concordia managed to raise 28,600+ dollars for the American Cancer Society through individual and team fundraisers. Also, our sub-committee worked on spreading awareness about ways to prevent cancer, the different types of cancer, and where you can find support.

This year I was on a team with Outreach and we decided to cook pancakes for the Relay event and dress up as old folks. Although I looked ridiculous it was fun to be a grandma for a day. The event also had a number of other fundraisers like selling home-made fudge, playing wii, and even painting rocks. I had a terrific time walking on the track, jamming out to Post Traumatic Funk Syndrome, eating chocolate chip pancakes, and playing in a volleyball tournament… it was quite an eventful night.

On Monday I participated in the kick-off event for Earth Week, a thrift store fashion show. Now, I fully support the cause and love to go shopping at thrift stores but I was pretty freaked out when I saw we had an actual runway. But we had gotten together a group of friends and braved the runway to model our best buys as the “sensational seasons.” I doubt I will ever model again in my life but it was fun to try out.

The rest of this week was somewhat of a mad rush to get caught up on schoolwork but I still managed to cook myself some peanut thai stir fry with rice as well as blueberry muffins and a cake as thank yous for the staff that I have been job-shadowing all semester. So, this week I’ve been a grandma, a model and somewhat of a cook (if you forget about the burnt bottoms of the muffins, guess you can use too much grease spray…), now the weekend before finals I guess it’s time to be a student again.

fall, winter, spring, and summer

G-ma Hannah

Coping with Chaos

Posted in Hannah Vogt on April 16th, 2010 by hcvogt – Be the first to comment

What is the purpose of college?

The obvious answer is probably to get an education so that you qualify for jobs that will provide enough financial security to live independently.

But there is a whole other realm of learning that goes on during this period in one’s life. What do you think this is?

I once had a conversation with someone about the purpose of college and from our experience we decided that it teaches you what you can’t handle.

In other words, you are faced with a lot of challenges to figure out what your limits are. Some of these challenges may be financial burdens, homework, or social pressures just to name a few. So, its up to you to decide what is important.

My freshman year I spent the majority of my energy and time on academics and I did well and I learned a lot in my classes. But, this whole other aspect of the college experience was missing and I wasn’t exactly satisfied. Although academics remain important, every student needs to find a balance between living and working. This concept is elementary I know, but the pressure of a good GPA for entrance into graduate school was really intimidating to me.

Now, my priorities have changed. College students are generally incredibly awesome people so its important to hang out with friends and talk politics, learn how to salsa dance, eat ethnic food, or volunteer with a local non-profit because these types of activities teach you about so many important life skills that arn’t always taught in the classroom.

This week I’ve felt like my life is pretty chaotic. I’ve been sick, had lots of meetings (sometimes even scheduled at the same time ), tests, papers, rollar blading, job shadowing, and other committments yet I’m rather content with this lifestyle.The best thing I have learned in college is how to cope with chaos. Sometimes you are in control, sometimes external factors mess up your plans. Whatever the case, being a student is a chaotic world but it prepares you for the much more complex real world outside of the Concordia bubble so I’m happy to be coping with the chaos for now. Best of luck to all those out there who are feeling a bit of anxiety about the out-of-control state of their life, remember to “always look on the bright side of life.”

Easter with the fam

Posted in Hannah Vogt on April 9th, 2010 by hcvogt – Be the first to comment

It’s funny the things you miss from home.


While home over Easter break I was happy to see my dad’s unflattering workout clothes, my mom’s strange kitchen concoctions, the seasonal home decorations, and even my neighbor’s pets.

The family holiday festivities began right away by making some scrumptious cupcakes with mocha frosting and peeps and jellybeans on top. Even though I found out I had my first cavity the day before, I was happy to indulge on these sugary delights.

Then we got to decorate some Easter eggs. You can never be too old for decorating eggs! I am proud to say I created a self-portrait egg that had striking similarities to myself. Eggs are a close second to cereal and pineapple as my most favorite foods in the world. By the way, if you have never tried a soft-boiled egg, you need to! They are delicious.

On Easter, I was in such a good mood I agreed to sing with my mom in the church choir… this was before I realized I would be singing 3 songs in front of the church, as well as processing in and out while singing without a single practice with the choir. In the end, I managed to stumble through the songs, spill water on my robe, and lose my place in the music while walking out, but I had a lot of fun hanging out with my mom and it was a great way to get involved in the celebration.

Since it was wonderful weather we also went on a number of walks and bike rides and enjoyed the lakes around us. I was about ready to jump in a kayak and paddle out there.

Then one of the best activities of break was that my mom was gracious enough to organize an EASTER EGG HUNT for her daughters. It was a pretty intense hunt. A little more advanced than the neighbor kids’ anyways. Thanks goes out to the family for a super fun break! Hope you had a wonderful Easter as well!

Sandbagging brings Spring! :)

Posted in Hannah Vogt on March 31st, 2010 by hcvogt – 2 Comments

From the looks of campus today, sandbagging season is over and we have now leapt into spring because the sun is shining and people are wearing T-shirts! I am loving the warm weather and have recently begun running just to be outside exercising and enjoy the fresh air. It’s funny to think that just a few weeks ago we were sandbagging and with the high spirits and spring fever spreading around campus many seem to have forgotten the rather enlarged state of the river nearby.

I guess its great that everything seems to be under control, but my friends and I were talking about there being a definite difference in attitude this year compared to last. While we were sandbagging a young 5th grader was so ecstatic that she was able to help with the flood fight rather than babysitting (her role last year) and her sister only grumbled in response, “yeah, sandbagging was fun last year.” Some students were a bit more reluctant to sandbag this year. Yet, when I was out sandbagging people knew a lot more about what needed to be done to save the community and all those involved worked really hard and we were a lot more efficient.

“It’s the 100 year flood that happens 2 years in a row” is another remark I heard on site. So, although we may not have sandbagged with as much gusto as before we got the job done. The reason I like sandbagging is because its truly a team effort where basic principles like communication and hard work are involved. No real big machines are used to make the dikes around homes, its the people that make that happen.

The thing I find strange is that the city provides very little relief to help remove the sandbags after the flood. Does everyone dump them in the river? Is that leading to a higher risk of flood in the future? I know one family filled their pool with them one year. Anyways, if you are a sandbag enthusiast and want to rally some people to help after the flood passes I’m sure any homeowners would be more than happy to have you. Remember, sandbagging can be fun!

Here’s a video from some people I got to sandbag with!


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