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Hello, there! I’m Kelsey Rausch and I am an English Education major from Elk River, Minnesota. It is my hope that I will be able to do extraordinary things with my life and I think I chose the right college to help me make an impact on people’s lives. I have some serious Cobber pride and couldn’t be more in love with this amazing college! I love music in every way that it can be taken in, whether that be listening, collecting, watching, or performing. I’d like to think I have great taste in music and I love connecting with people over a shared interest in music. I’m always up for an adventure and trying new things. I’m (apparently) very awful at telling stories, so I have to have crazy adventures to talk about to make up for my lack of ability. I am always in search of good books to read and I am grateful for God, who has blessed me with so much.

Kelsey Rausch

Billy Joel Songs

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Today, I am going to have a Billy Joel song running through my head: cause I’mmmmm movin’ out. (I am kind of just assuming that everyone appreciates Billy Joel as much as I do, but if you don’t get what I’m referencing…look it up! It’s a good song.) Well, not technically. I’m moving the majority of my things out of my room and house today, but I don’t have to be out of my house until the Monday after graduation. My parents, thank heavens for them, are coming up to Moorhead today to help me pack all of my stuff and pack it into their trailer, their car, and my car. Hopefully we can fit everything. I’m sitting here in my room and I’m trying to take it all in. I spent a lot of time and effort doing DIY things for my room and I really like how my room looks. It’s weird to think that in just a couple of hours, it’s not going to look like my room anymore. And then in a couple of days, the new tenants will move in and it won’t even BE my room anymore. This place, my room and my house, has been my HOME for the past two years, though it feels like it’s been home for much longer. It wasn’t just a room in a building like my dorm rooms were; this place holds thousands of memories that I hope never fade from my memory. Peace out, BlueHouse.

That’s Final.

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Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 10.33.11 AMToday, I had my last final of my undergraduate. Not going to lie, after having an epic four years here, ending my college career with a final in religion was kind of a lame way to go. I thought maybe my last final would be this huge display of all that I have learned at Concordia, but since I put off my religion requirement until the very last semester, it was an essay and multiple choice exam on Daoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. That being said, I walked out of the classroom having finished my exam and I felt…nothing. I thought maybe there would be this really exciting “wahoooooo” feeling but instead it just felt like a regular day in my life. I still can’t bring myself to feeling like I’m completely done with my undergraduate college degree. A lot of my friends are either sad or excited and I am both those things but I still can’t believe I’m about to graduate! On Wednesday night, I was sitting in the fishbowl studying and I realized that it was going to be my last time studying in one of my favorite study spots. I didn’t think that I would get nostalgic about a place where I fretted and worried about all of my tests and homework, but I left the fishbowl kind of sad that I wouldn’t ever be back to it as a student. So yeah. That’s a wrap on my undergrad.

Hanging out with MKTO

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Hanging out with Tony!

Hanging out with Tony!

Bucketlist item #47: hang out with a celebrity all day


Today was CEC’s end of the year live music event Cornstock! For the main performer this year, CEC snagged MKTO (who sings the very popular song “Classic”). For the past three years, I have heard about people trying to figure out what hotel the performers are staying in so they can meet them and hang out with them. This year, the performers (named Tony and Malcom) came to Concordia campus and the surrounding area to meet and hang out with Cobbers before the show. And I was one of those lucky Cobbs! On Cornstock day, everyone spends the whole day hanging out on and around campus, playing games and enjoying the nice weather. I heard from a friend that MKTO was hanging out at their house and I didn’t believe them but I headed there anyways and sure enough, they were there hanging out and talking with everyone! Eventually, we got hungry and were going to leave to go grill out at my other friends house, but we extended the offer to MKTO and they decided to join us! It was crazy! So when I went to the concert that night, it was weird to see them actually performing on stage instead of just chilling like they did all day!

Skype Interviews For the Win

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pre-skype interview selfie!

pre-skype interview selfie!

The job hunt is in full swing and I am sending out applications left and right! It’s really exciting to see all of the different places that have open English positions because each time I apply, I picture my future working there! Many people feel disheartened during the job hunt phase of their career, but that’s not how I feel! I truly feel like Concordia has prepared me to be an exceptional teacher and I am excited about sharing my ideas and passion with my future students. I have been fortunate to have been offered interviews for a couple great school districts and have enjoyed talking with administrators and teachers from the districts about how I would be a great fit for their school! At the Education Fair in Minneapolis on Monday, I was offered a job interview for Mounds View school district for today! When I informed them that I went to school in Moorhead, they suggested a skype interview. Even though I really believe face to face interactions are the best way to connect with people in an interview, I jumped at the opportunity to interview for a potential job without having to drive all the way down to the cities! I was nervous that the interview wasn’t going to go as well because I wasn’t going to be able to make eye contact and whatnot, but I finished the interview feeling very confident about my answers and the relationships I built with my interviewers! Hooray for skype interviews!!

MN Education Fair

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give me a job, I'm about to graduate!

give me a job, I’m about to graduate!

What does heaven look like for a job-seeking education major hoping to work in the Twin Cities? I would imagine it looks a lot like the MN Education Fair at the Minneapolis Convention Center today. With over 100 school districts, many of them from the Twin Cities, and all of them searching for qualified candidates to teach at their schools. Preparing for today, I had no idea what to expect. I printed off a whole bunch of resumes and recommendations to give to potential employers and I prepared a short elevator speech to say to administrators when I shook their hand. I made a prioritized list of districts I wanted to visit and picked out my professional outfit! I was excited to get going and make connections (and hopefully land some interviews!). When all was said and done with the education fair, I had done five short interviews and made countless connections and collected numerous business cards. I was worried about getting lost in the crowd and not making meaningful connections with administrators, but I felt that my outgoing personality and my fearless attitude allowed me to fully participate in the conversations with administrators and I am so happy with how it all went! I would call the education fair a complete success!!