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Hello, there! I’m Kelsey Rausch and I am an English Education major from Elk River, Minnesota. It is my hope that I will be able to do extraordinary things with my life and I think I chose the right college to help me make an impact on people’s lives. I have some serious Cobber pride and couldn’t be more in love with this amazing college! I love music in every way that it can be taken in, whether that be listening, collecting, watching, or performing. I’d like to think I have great taste in music and I love connecting with people over a shared interest in music. I’m always up for an adventure and trying new things. I’m (apparently) very awful at telling stories, so I have to have crazy adventures to talk about to make up for my lack of ability. I am always in search of good books to read and I am grateful for God, who has blessed me with so much.

Kelsey Rausch

A Full Weekend

Posted in Kelsey Rausch on April 16th, 2016 by Kelsey Rausch – Comments Off on A Full Weekend

Being that these last few weekends are my last weekends as a Concordia college student, I am living them to the fullest, filling them with lots of friends, fun, and memories. This weekend, I took time to celebrate with my friend Trevor on officially being done with his chemistry major, had a girls night with all my gal pals, and enjoyed some silly Cobber guys competing in the Man Pageant at Concordia’s Relay for Life. On Friday, my friend Trevor did a 30 minute presentation of his senior seminar on Chemistry to complete the final task for his major and we went to downtown Fargo that night to celebrate him! On Saturday, me and a bunch of my friends had a girls night at Mexican Village and enjoyed some super delicious Mexican food! Afterwards, we went to Relay for Life to watch a bunch of Cobber athletes compete in “Cobbers in Tiaras”. I’m not going to lie, it was freaking hilarious! They guys who participated had to compete in talent, swimsuit, and fashion (and by fashion, I mean dresses!!) and they were all SO brave! One guy did a ribbon routine in a leotard for his talent portion! It was hilarious! Overall, I think that it was a weekend well spent!

He's a Chem major!

He’s a Chem major!

Doing Adult Things

Posted in Kelsey Rausch on April 15th, 2016 by Kelsey Rausch – Comments Off on Doing Adult Things

Spectrum-schoolToday, I had no class. Not because class was cancelled, but because I had to skip class to do adult things. What adult thing did I have to do, you  may ask? I had to INTERVIEW! I was very fortunate to get an interview for a charter school in my hometown of Elk River. I thought that an interview for a job after graduation was definitely a good enough excuse to miss class for a day! I drove home Thursday with my professional clothes in tow (multiple options in case I changed my mind!). Driving home, I wasn’t nervous for my interview yet. Mostly just excited! Even when I got to the interview, I was still just excited to be there. I had been preparing all week; I had found a whole bunch of possible interview questions and had been practicing my answers for them. I even participated in a mock interview earlier this week and gained a whole bunch of confidence from it! Walking into my interview, I realized that I recognized one of the people that was in the group of interviewers. He was a teacher at my middle school! Having a familiar face at my interview was definitely a plus. I left my interview feeling confident that I had answered the questions to the best of my ability and the rest was out of my hands! Adult life isn’t so bad. 🙂

A Celebration of Knowledge

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cossquestimageLet’s think back to high school. If a teacher asked you to do a huge project and then present it in front of all of your peers, teachers, and community members, you would have said, “heck no”. At Concordia, there is an entire day devoted to celebrating students’ hard work. Students work really hard all year long on research projects on topics ranging from chemistry to English, from history to communication studies. Nobody is forced to participate in Celebration of Student Scholarship, yet over a hundred students volunteer to put together these projects.  Cobbers are proud of their scholarship and the Celebration of Student Scholarship is a great opportunity for students to show off all their hard work (and maybe score some brownie points with their professors). My freshman year, it was one of the first times that Concordia held this event. It had such a great turnout that Concordia decided that they should cancel class for the Celebration of Student Scholarship so everyone would be free to attend all of the important, ground breaking research projects that all of our peers have been working on. Just this year, three out of my four roommates participated in COSS and they all said it was one of the more rewarding things they have done in college. 🙂

The Last Paper

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As an English major, I have written more than my fair share of papers. Every single class that I have taken has usually assigned at least one 10 page paper that was to be completed by the end of the semester. Considering this is my last semester in undergrad, it is also my last semester writing papers. Sunday night marks the the last deadline for my last college paper. For my final paper, I have to analyze a random chapter from a 100 chapter book and write about all of the daoist, confucianist, and buddhist elements within it! It’s kind of a difficult last paper, but just knowing that it was the last paper that I have to write got me through it. Fortunately, at Concordia, the liberal arts education values writing as the foundation of all majors. I even had to write a paper in my mathematics class! I thought that maybe I would catch a break from writing in my math class, but no. Honestly, when I was writing my religion paper, I realized how good I actually was at writing. From the continuous practice over the past four years, I have actually gotten quite good at writing papers! Just in time for my last paper ever!

That is…until grad school.

5 Ways to Procrastinate

Posted in Kelsey Rausch on April 8th, 2016 by Kelsey Rausch – Comments Off on 5 Ways to Procrastinate

Have you ever wanted to procrastinate but couldn’t think of anything to do? You keep refreshing facebook, twitter, pinterest, and instagram hoping something new, cool, and interesting pops up. You’ve even stared at a blank wall for quite some time. But now you’ve run out of ideas on how to procrastinate that huge paper/project that you’ve been avoiding and you’re worried that you’re only choice is to actually start working on homework. Well, you’ve come to the right place. This is your one-stop-shop for procrastination ideas so you can keep avoiding all that stuff you will do tomorrow…or the next day. Now, these ideas are only suggestions and you don’t have to do these ideas right now…feel free to procrastinate doing these things to procrastinate…that will double the procrastination time!

1. Find a new Netflix show to watch. I’m sure by now you think you’ve watched all the good ones but I encourage you to waste your time by watching a terrible movie or a terrible show. Watching bad TV is almost more fun because you get to laugh at all the dumb stuff that happens.

2. Get ice cream. Ice cream is good at any time of the day so you can always rationalize a good DQ blizzard or tutti frutti!

3. Call your parents, your sibling, your grandparents, or your aunt/uncle. Your excuse for not calling them is usually because you’re so busy with homework and studying, so now that you don’t have that excuse, make a phone call to make their day!

4. Go work out at the Concordia Balcony. Working out is always a good way to waste time because it actually beneficial to your health! Plus, being able to tell yourself at the end of the day that, even though you didn’t get any homework done, you exercised!

5. Is it dinner time? Breakfast is always an important meal. You definitely can’t function properly without lunch. Waste some time making a homemade meal or just going to DS to eat a delicious pre-prepared meal.


Clearly, you’re desperate if you’re reading this. I suppose a sixth way to procrastinate would be to read this blog. When you’re done with all six things on this list, you should probably just start your homework! Sorry. But it’s true. Just get it done and you can do all of these things guilt-free!