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Hello, there! I’m Kelsey Rausch and I am an English Education major from Elk River, Minnesota. It is my hope that I will be able to do extraordinary things with my life and I think I chose the right college to help me make an impact on people’s lives. I have some serious Cobber pride and couldn’t be more in love with this amazing college! I love music in every way that it can be taken in, whether that be listening, collecting, watching, or performing. I’d like to think I have great taste in music and I love connecting with people over a shared interest in music. I’m always up for an adventure and trying new things. I’m (apparently) very awful at telling stories, so I have to have crazy adventures to talk about to make up for my lack of ability. I am always in search of good books to read and I am grateful for God, who has blessed me with so much.

Kelsey Rausch

$17,392 of Miracles

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12718191_10154340899204341_8106326218959094219_nLast Saturday, Concordia Dance Marathon revealed our total amount of dollars raised over the past year. This total was a surprise to all of us except for the two accounting chairs who counted the money and totaled it up for us. There is something to be said of working tirelessly an entire year for a great cause and being rewarded by finding out that all of your hard work paid off in spades. On Saturday, we hosted our Big Event…Cobberthon! Cobberthon is a 12 hour event where we stay on our feet the entire time, dancing, running, walking, and working out to raise awareness of the Children’s Miracle Network and all of the great work it does for children with diseases and cancer. We also spend the entire day trying to raise more money for the kids by holding events like ping pong tourneys and Battle of the Bands! Another thing we do to raise money is “put people in jail”. In order to put someone in jail, you have to pay the guards $5 and then in order to get the person out of jail, you bail them out for $10! So each time someone went into jail, we’d raise around $15! At the end of battle of the bands, we revealed our total to ourselves and the audience and we were floored to see just how much money we raised for the kids!

Card Games & Qingming

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Dr. Watkin sorting cards!

Dr. Watkin sorting cards!

I’ve blogged before about how being at a small private college means that college professors have more freedom and creativity in the way that they present class material. This morning, I had two super cool class experiences that definitely enriched my educational experience and I wanted to share them with you.

Qingming- At about 9:30am, I shuffled over to the Prairie Home Cemetery near campus to participate in Qingming for my East Asian Religions class. In many East Asian countries, on whatever day that the Spring Equinox lands, families visit the family gravesite to sweep off the graves and offer food, tea, and news of the family to their ancestors. It is believed that communication with ancestors is more easily done during Spring Equinox. So to better understand this process, we did Qingming on people buried at the local cemetery. It was super cool to actually experience something that we have discussed in class!

Card Games- In my Jane Austen class, we had a lot of fun playing card games that related to Jane Austen. In many of Austen’s books, the characters play card games to occupy their time. One of the games that they commonly played was charades. Their kind of charades was a lot different than the kind of charades we play today, though. Theirs involves riddles that people solve. So Dr. Watkin found really cool charade riddles about Jane Austen characters and it was a cool challenge to solve them! I kind’ve wish we played that kind of charades today!


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It was a full house for Rohina!

It was a full house for Rohina!

A while back, my professor told my class about an opportunity to see a show written, directed, and acted by a Muslim woman named Rohina Malik. Her play, titled Unveiled, talks about the struggles of Muslim women post 9/11. Rohina Malik is insanely talented because she performs in this one-woman show as many different characters with many different accents. At one point, she raps in an English accent, and at a another she is a Pakistani dress designer. In each scene, her acting was funny and raw; I left the show feeling like I had witnessed something important. It’s one thing to see a show with actors portraying people, it’s an entirely other thing when the actor is portraying things that have or could have happened to her in her real life. Her message was that this country has cultivated a hatred towards Muslims, especially Muslims who choose to wear hijabs. Her stories strike a chord with her audiences and many times leave them in tears. In addition to the stories that she tells, Rahina herself is an inspiration. Being a successful Muslim woman playwright AND a successful actress is unfortunately unheard of. Rahina is doing great things for racism and doing great things for feminism. On top of it all, she has won awards for her plays and has performed at numerous theatres across the United States. It was an amazing production and I am so glad that Concordia brought her on campus to share her talent with us all.


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Katie is pumped about Glowga!

Katie is pumped about Glowga!

Tonight, Dance Marathon hosted a really cool event for the first time. Our fearless leader Katie thought of the really cool idea to host glow-in-the-dark yoga to raise money for the kids! We charged only $2 for admission and we provided a whole bunch of glow sticks and yoga mats for everyone. We managed to get a really great yoga instructor that works in the area to volunteer her time for us. Hannah works at the wildly popular Haute Yogis in Fargo so we were lucky to have her. After passing out the glow sticks and turning out the lights, it was actually a really tough workout! Hannah did a vinyasa flow yoga with us and didn’t hold back. She incorporated a lot of poses that were complicated and required a lot of balance! But still, I felt like I got a really good workout! And it was really cool to do it in the dark! For one, it was nice because no one could see how horrible I was at doing the poses. Secondly, it was fun because it was something different than my usual work out! I usually do yoga at least twice a week, but it usually is with all the lights on and no glowsticks…so it was a nice for a change of scenery! And, we raised some money FOR THE KIDS!

Graduation Weekend

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Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 7.16.23 PMOne of the worst things ever is spending an entire day shopping for something specific and ending the shopping spree empty-handed. I spent the entirety of  today shopping for the perfect graduation dress; after trying on dozens of dresses, I hadn’t found the perfect one so I went home without a dress. This weekend has been weird because my parents and I have been planning out graduation weekend out in much more detail! There are a lot of traditions that go along with graduating at Concordia! Plus, I’ve got to move entirely out of my house that weekend, which is quite a task! On the Friday before graduation, I’ve got a senior banquet with all of my seniors! Also, on the Saturday before graduation, the communications department is hosting a BBQ for all the communications majors and then for dinner, my family is going out for a nice meal! Then, after that, it is tradition to bring your parents to the local bar! On Sunday, of course, is the graduation ceremony. It feels like this weekend is so far off in the future, but I know that it is going to be here before I know it! I’m so excited for all the festivities but I’m sad that my time at Concordia is nearing an end!