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Hello, there! I’m Kelsey Rausch and I am an English Education major from Elk River, Minnesota. It is my hope that I will be able to do extraordinary things with my life and I think I chose the right college to help me make an impact on people’s lives. I have some serious Cobber pride and couldn’t be more in love with this amazing college! I love music in every way that it can be taken in, whether that be listening, collecting, watching, or performing. I’d like to think I have great taste in music and I love connecting with people over a shared interest in music. I’m always up for an adventure and trying new things. I’m (apparently) very awful at telling stories, so I have to have crazy adventures to talk about to make up for my lack of ability. I am always in search of good books to read and I am grateful for God, who has blessed me with so much.

Kelsey Rausch

March Madness

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brackets2009cThis month is aptly named. I’m sure that most of you are familiar with NCAA’s March Madness tournament that occurs throughout the month, but this month is madness for many other reasons.

1. First of all, it’s March already?? Where is all the time going? That alone is madness!! I can’t believe that I only have a little over a month of school left. It’s exciting, terrifying, fun, scary…all the above. To sum it up, it’s madness.

2. Job application madness. This month is the month that  lots of school districts are posting jobs and they are usually only posted for a seven days or so, so I am constantly checking job postings, writing cover letters, and filling out applications! It’s exciting to see all of the possible places that I can work, but it’s also stressful!

3. The weather is madness. It was absolutely gorgeous at the beginning of the month with temperatures in the 70’s! Then it got a little colder again but that was okay because it was more spring-like weather. But this past week was insanely cold and windy and then just yesterday there was a terrible blizzard that covered most of Minnesota! It’s madness!

4. Of course, the NCAA tournament is also madness. The upsets that have happened, the half-court shots, the buzzer beaters, it’s all crazy! Most people’s brackets are totally shot and the weirdest people with (what should have been) the craziest brackets are the front runners! I can’t wait to see who wins it all!

I think it’s safe to say that March Madness is in full swing.

All About Connections

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All of my job applications!

All of my job applications!

One of the most important things that I have learned over the past four years is that sometimes being successful is all about who you know. At first, I used to think that this was unfair because I would see people use their connections to their advantage when it came to getting jobs or getting accepted into schools or programs. Then I realized that making connections with people is an important part of being an adult and if you are good to people, they will be good to you. Looking back, practically every single job that I’ve had has been a result of some connection or another. My first job at Target I got because my brother worked there and put in a good word. My next job at daycare I got because of my mom’s really good friend who has known me since I was a little girl. I got a job at the information desk because my best friend worked there. I even got a job at the Cobblog because I was good friends with the current student manager! I’ve been fortunate to have these connections and they have helped me gain valuable experience leading up to this point. Now, as I am applying for real teaching jobs, I am trying to find every little connection that I have so they can help set me apart from other applicants. Hopefully my next job will also be the result of having a connection with someone and I can return the favor for other people down the road! 🙂

Braving the Cold!

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Top three finishers!

Top three finishers!

Today, the entire Dance Marathon committee, along with dozens of runners, braved the cold weather to run a 5k for the kids. While we were lucky to have some nice weather this past month, it was an unfortunate fluke. The weather went back to being cold so this morning it was pretty brisk outside for our early morning set-up for the 5K! We had the idea to host a 5K about two weeks ago so we had to act fast to get the 5k together and ready for all the runners! Thankfully, everyone worked together really well to get everything planned. RoadID, an online company, donated racing bibs (200 of them!) so runners could have a memento of their race and we could keep track of all the runners! In addition, Old Lutheran and First Ave Promo designed custom shirts for us and had them ready for us by race day! All of the committee members and all of the runners who preregistered got to have a super cool shirt from Old Lutheran’s new Bell Tower tshirt line! Even though it was cold outside, we had a great turnout and everyone that came was pumped about running! The top three finishers won two Fargo Force tickets and the three men that ended up winning actually won by a long shot and won with less than 20 minutes on the stopwatch! Overall, a fun day braving the cold for all the kids at Sanford Children’s Hospital!

The Final Month

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sitting on our stoop!

sitting on our stoop!

Every month, on the 25th, I collect rent checks from all of my roommates for the following month. I have had this role since we signed the lease back in sophomore year. On the 25th of this month, I will collect our final rent checks for our lease. While I am super glad to not be paying about $300 each month, it is bittersweet! We signed our lease in September of our sophomore year (really early, I know) and then it felt like it took forever for the day we could actually move in. Our house, just two blocks away from Livedalen, has become our home these past two years. We’ve put up artwork, collected trinkets and memories and displayed them, and we’ve hosted numerous “family” dinners at our dining room table. I will miss this home almost as much as I will miss Concordia. Also, I am definitely dreaded the whole moving out process. My room has a queen sized bed set, a decently large desk, and a dresser. In addition, I brought the couch, lounge chair, dish set, and TV. This is all not to mention my excessively full closet. I could probably make the process of moving out a lot easier if I just got rid of all the clothes I never wear anymore but that’s no fun. Also, in the midst of being stressed about moving out, I’m going to sad about leaving this wonderful place I’ve called home for four years! Ahh, I’m already feeling all of the emotions.

St. Patty’s Day Present

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med_schustermanSure it might not be normal to get presents on St. Patrick’s day but I got an absolutely great gift today. Today, in my New Media class, Neal Shusterman came and personally answered all of our questions about becoming an author and his inspiration! Neal Shusterman is an award-winning young adult novelist that currently has two of his books being made into movies! How cool is that? Anyway, he was on Concordia’s campus because Concordia hosts the National Book Awards on campus and since he won the National Book Award for Young Adult Fiction, he was on campus! However, we were fortunate that he was able to come specifically to our class to share  his knowledge and wisdom with us! When asked what inspires him the most, he mostly talked about how the people and places around him inspire his stories. His latest story was about a young boy who is mentally ill and follows his journey through a mental breakdown. He got his inspiration from his son who went through a very similar journey recently. This book, titled Challenger Deep, as well as his other book title Unwind, both have gotten picked up for movie deals! Having such a cool and inspirational author come and speak to our class was such a treat!