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Hi! My name is Kallie Eberling. I’m excited to be continuing my education this year at Concordia! I have finally decided, after changing my mind multiple times, on an English Education major. I hope to obtain a minor in Political Science, and I am thinking about law school upon graduation.

I’m from the small town of Plentywood, Montana. It’s located about 10 minutes from Canada and 15 minutes from North Dakota. We only have one stoplight, but we are the biggest town in our county!

At Concordia, I am involved in the forensics team and various clubs. I participate in policy debate in forensics, and really enjoy it!

I’m happy to share my experience here at Concordia, and I hope you can find some useful tips from my blog!

Kallie Eberling

End of the year Hu-Hot with Concordia On-Air

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Tonight an on-campus organization I am a part of- Concordia On-Air is taking the entire group out for Hu Hot. It will be our end of the year celebration where will have food from the Mongolian grill and our advisor will be bringing cake!

Tomorrow we will have our last show. Concordia On-Air is a great organization to get involved in, and nearly everyone can apply their interests to the group. This semester I have worked as News Director, previously I was a News Anchor. As an anchor I wrote and presented piece on our weekly live broadcast. As a News Director I coordinate the stories that News Anchors will deliver as well as collecting and sending graphics in that relate to the stories.

A large portion of On-Air is about the behind the scenes productions of a news program- this is called tech. A lot goes into the production of a show, and a lot of this I am still unaware of, but I hope to learn more about tech next year On-Air.

If news or tech doesn’t spark your interest you could also be a part of the sports segment. Finally, we have arts and entertainment and hosts. A & E reports all things campus entertainment and hosts literally host the show!

Presenting at Celebration of Student Scholarship

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Today I presented at COSS or Celebration of Student Scholarship. The event is a day long event where there is no classes. COSS is an event that honors “student research, scholarship, and creative experiences.” Throughout the day there are various poster sessions, concurrent sessions, spotlight sessions, and departmental sessions.

I applied to present at COSS a couple of months ago, and I was excited to have been accepted. Students are able to apply with any research or experience that they have had while at Concordia. I presented on a paper and research that I had done while in a couple of different Communication classes. My research revolved around the Walt Disney company and their animated films. The title of my work was: Disney’s Effects on Identity.

In my presentation I talked about the films Aladdin and Mulan. Specifically the research I looked at examined the cultural stands Disney took on the songs within these animated movies. There were interesting findings that showed that cultural Disney films affect a child’s formation of identity.

I created a powerpoint presentation, and I presented in a session along with two other students on topics within the media. Each presenter had 15 minutes to present and then 5 more minutes to answer questions. Overall, it was a great experience, and I recommend everyone to apply to showcase their own research in the future!

The opening slide of my presentation!

The opening slide of my presentation!

When you wish upon a star by FMCT

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Tonight I went to a fun event that was hosted by the Fargo Moorhead Community Theater at the Stage at Island  Park.

The production was called, “When you Wish Upon a Star.” based on the popular Disney song. All of the songs in the show were from some of your favorite Disney classics. The event was a fundraiser for FMCT and ticket sales and donations will go back into FMCT’s future shows.

There were a few Concordia students as well as faculty that performed in the event. The hall director Candice Morgan sang A Spoonful of Sugar from Mary Poppins and Reflection from Mulan. Justin Odney sang a duet- Love is an Open Door from Frozen as well as Go the Distance from Hercules. Olivia Berglund sang Feed the Birds from Mary Poppins and Just Around the Riverbend from Pocahontas.

Everyone who performed did amazing, and there were a lot of kids dressed up as princes and princesses! The show ended

FMCT holds numerous events throughout the year which is a great way for students to get involved in the FM community. Addams Family the musical will be performed April 22 through May 1. Tickets can be purchased at fmct.org. Prices range from $12 to $18.


TEDX Concordia for the first time!

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Today is the day!

Tonight, beginning at 5:30 p.m. Concordia’s first ever TED X event will be held. The event will include nine awesome speaker who are related to Concordia in some way or another. Each speaker will talk on an experience they have gone through. All of the talks will be related to the theme PIVOT. According to the TED student planning committee pivot involves, “transformative moments that challenge the familiar and inspire action.” Many speakers will talk about moments in their lives that have challenged them to pivot onto a new life path.

I am very excited for the event since I will be working as a volunteer. I am a part of the Photography and Media group. Here I will be working with a lot of the social media components of the event.

The event will be held in Barry Auditorium, and it will last until 9:30 p.m., and it will include a break for horderves. The event sold out completely this year, but if you were not able to snag a ticket it’s no problem. You can watch all of the TED talks from the comfort of your own home- or dorm. The even twill be live streamed through USTREAM- check it out here!.

Getting Barry all ready to go with an awesome vinyl from Office Sign Company.

Getting Barry all ready to go with an awesome vinyl from Office Sign Company.

Wurst Bier Hall in Downtown Fargo

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Yesterday the cobb-bloggers had a small get together at the Wurst Bier Hall in downtown Fargo.

I had never visited this restaurant since I assumed it was only for 21 plus visitors- and I had not been 21 until just last month! However, the restaurant is open to everyone until 4 p.m daily.

The restaurant and bar has German (obviously) food and drinks. We started off with sweet potato fries. I have never been a huge fan of these, but here they were extra crispy and great- we had them with the chipotle ranch dip.

For dinner I had the chicken cordon bleu sandwich with a side of their spaetzle mac. I recommend both of the dishes, but the mac and cheese is especially good! A couple of the other bloggers ordered the spaetzle mac as their sole dish along with one of their classic wursts.

For 21  aged visitors Wurst is popular for its giant boot “mug” of bier. The Das Boot, as it is called has a list of rules. Some of which include, “The boot can never touch the table until empty,” and “You must always drink from the boot with the toe facing up.”