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Hi! My name is Kallie Eberling. I’m excited to be continuing my education this year at Concordia! I have finally decided, after changing my mind multiple times, on an English Education major. I hope to obtain a minor in Political Science, and I am thinking about law school upon graduation.

I’m from the small town of Plentywood, Montana. It’s located about 10 minutes from Canada and 15 minutes from North Dakota. We only have one stoplight, but we are the biggest town in our county!

At Concordia, I am involved in the forensics team and various clubs. I participate in policy debate in forensics, and really enjoy it!

I’m happy to share my experience here at Concordia, and I hope you can find some useful tips from my blog!

Kallie Eberling

Omelet bar to open in DS after spring break

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Dining services’ coveted waffle maker will now have a new friend. After spring break, on Monday Feb. 29 Anderson Commons will be host to a new omelet maker.

The appliance will be available daily in the “Fresh” section of DS. The omelet bar will feature egg mix and a variety of meat, cheese, and vegetables.

Last year, my favorite day in DS involved an omelet bar. Students lined up as President Craft along with other well known Concordia faculty, staff, and students served up omelets! Not only are the omelets completely customizable, but they also are relatively healthy. It is often difficult to opt for healthier choices when they’re are so many great unhealthy options! However, with the ability to add any types of veggies and meats you want the omelet can be as healthy or unhealthy as you want!

Within just an hour of the Facebook page Cobber Dine’s omelet bar announcement the post has received numerous “likes!” The omelet maker is sure to be a great addition to DS, and an exciting one as well.


Concordia offers free professional head shots

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Concordia students received free professional photos on Saturday Feb. 6. The professional photos were taken by other students, and would allow any students who signed up to have full access to head shots for resumes and websites like Linkedin. The event was a great opportunity for students, as well as the photographers.

Three Concordia photographers were chosen to showcase their talents and gain experience. Students Maddie Malat, Hannah Young, and Morgan Schleif each had sign up sheets at the information desk the week before the event.

Up to 36 students were able to sign up for a 15 minute photo session to be held in the Offutt School of Business between one and four PM.

Students arrived at their scheduled time, and enjoyed puppy chow and lemonade before their student photographer took them around the business center to find the perfect shot.

Within a couple weeks each of the students that participated in the event received multiple professional head shots shared with them via google drive.

The event was hosted by Concordia’s Student Government Association, and they plan to continue with the same type of event in the future.

Blind Date with a Book!

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The Carl B. Library is getting in the spirit of Valentine’s Day by offering nontraditional blind dates.

These blind dates are different than the traditional in that students will be meeting, and getting to know books!

Upon walking into the library you will see tons of books wrapped in pretty Valentine’s colors. Each book has a description on it that tells the potential dater what the book is about.

After you read through a few of the descriptions, and find a book that interests you, you are ready to check the book out! All you need to do is bring the book up to the librarian and tell them that you’re ready for a blind book date!

After reading your book, you turn it into the library the same way you would with any book. I recommend taking the book home, relaxing, and reading it in bed!


IMG_4006 IMG_4007

The Perfect Arrangement

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It’s Valentine’s weekend, but more importantly, Concordia theatre is putting on The Perfect Arrangement!

The Perfect Arrangement is a show written Topher Payne and set in the 1950s. The story follows the lives of two Washington D.C. couples. The married couples are living hidden lives during the time of the Lavendar Scare.

More specifically, here is the interesting plot summary:

“Two U.S. State Department employees, Bob and Norma, have been tasked with identifying sexual deviants within their ranks. The twist: Both Bob and Norma are gay, and have married each other’s partners as a carefully constructed cover.”

If you’re looking for an affordable (FREE!) place to take your date on Valentine’s I recommend checking out the Sunday matinee of the show. On Sunday the show will begin at 2 pm.

The show will also run from February 11 (Thursday) until the 13 at 8 pm.

In order to get tickets for the show you can visit the Box Office in Frances Frazier Theatre building between 1pm and 5pm. If you aren’t available at this time just email thrtix@cord.edu or call 218-299-3314 to order your ticket/s! After you order them you are able to pick them up at the Box Office about 10 to 15 minutes before the show!

perfect arrangement

Space Safe Training

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Concordia will be holding safe space training next Monday at 7 pm in the Birkeland Alumni Lounge.

The purpose of the safe space initiative at Concordia is to promote a more open environment throughout our community regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Trained members of the safe space initiative pledge to be confidential, nonjudgmental and supportive contacts for all individuals of the Concordia College community to talk to.

All faculty and staff within various departments on campus are all certified in Safe Space. The health center, office of ministry, residence life, enrollment, the counseling center, and the security/ public safety department all make being open and welcoming to students part of their mission. Also, there are professors all over campus that are certified in space safe.


Safe space certified faculty offices are signified with a rainbow triangle sticker outside of their door. After completing training student, faculty and anyone who participates will be given

It is free to register and the deadline is next Monday (the 8th) at noon, students or faculty are welcome to come and get Safe Space certified! If any questions about the process arrive Amanda Pieters is available for contact.