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Greetings! My name is Dezmond Ward. I am a freshman student pursuing a double major in political science and history. I was born and raised in Milbank, South Dakota and am now excited to call Concordia College my home.
In my freshman year, I plan to be involved in Student Government, Campus Republicans and choir. In my spare time, I enjoy watching sports, reading good books, playing golf, listening to music of all kinds and spending time with friends. I look forward to sharing my Cobber experience with you!

Dezmond Ward

My Final Mannerchor Performance

Posted in Dezmond Ward on April 26th, 2014 by Dezmond Ward – Be the first to comment

Last evening, Mannerchor and Cantabile, Concordia’s first year men’s and women’s choirs respectively, participated in our final activity together. The two choirs performed alongside Symphonia, Concordia’s chamber orchestra in their yearend concert. The performance was a pops concert that offered deserts during the intermission break. The event was entitled “Oceans of Music” and featured fun upbeat music from Rogers and Hammerstein, Gilbert and Sullivan and many other composers.

Mannerchor and Cantabile pose before their final performance together.

Mannerchor and Cantabile pose before their final performance together.

Mannerchor performed to solo pieces accompanied by Symphonia. Both were enjoyable, fast paced songs that talked about like on or around the sea. The first song we performed was entitled “There’s nothing like a dame”. We later would perform a song from the “Pirate King” musical. Cantabile was featured singing a famous song from the Little Mermaid called “Part of Your World”. The concert concluded with a marvelous rendition of America the Beautiful entitled “Sea to Shining Sea.” This piece was directed by Dr. Culloton (directed of the two choirs and Concordia’s Chapel) and featured a grand ending which received a standing ovation at the conclusion.  The Desert Pops concert was a fun and exciting way to finish off the 2013-2014 choral year. While I am sad that we will no longer be singing together, I am excited to see what the next choral year will look like!

Celebration of Student Scholarship

Posted in Dezmond Ward on April 11th, 2014 by Dezmond Ward – Be the first to comment

Wednesday was a special day on campus here at Concordia College for many reasons. Classes were canceled across to allow students the opportunity to participate in sessions for the college’s fifth annual Celebration of Student Scholarship Day.
I attended a few very interesting events throughout the day. I heard one speaker explain her research and her goal to allow those who are blind and color-blind to experience color as we do through the use of music. I found this really fascinating and I’ve read more on the subject since listening to this speech. I was also fortunate enough to hear the story of two Concordia students who are working on writing a musical. They even had members of the theater department perform a preview from their first act. The goal of the writers is to have the first act completed by the end of this school year and to have a public performance of their work. I couldn’t help but be reminded of the talent that this community possesses. I am lucky to be a part of such a gifted community.

My RA Tanner Knutson greets a student eager to learn about his proposal of "Green Roofs."

My RA Tanner Knutson greets a student eager to learn about his proposal of “Green Roofs.”

I also attended a poster session on Wednesday afternoon. This event allows a large number of students to present their research to many people. I had the chance to read many students posters and speak with them about the work that they had done. They all seemed extremely passionate about their research. One such student, is my RA, Tanner Knutson. He is advocating that Concordia take steps to make their roofs ‘green’ which he believes would put the college on the cutting edge.
In addition to the day’s festivities, the weather was also gorgeous! The temperature soared to the upper 70s which allowed many students to have fun in the sun on their day off. KORD Radio was playing music on Olin Hill for most of the day while students played Frisbee and enjoyed the beautiful day.

The Three Choirs Concert

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Today is the day we’ve been practice towards for months! Today is the Three Choirs Concert at Concordia College! As the title of the concert implies, the concert featured three choirs that perform here at Concordia. Cantabile, who performed first, is a choir comprised of first year women’s singers. They performed many wonderful pieces including a piece specifically composed for them.
Mannerchor, my choir, performed second. Mannerchor is a choir comprised of first year men’s voice that has a lot of fun while making music. We sang five pieces in total including two pieces specifically arranged for our group. My favorite, The Deer Chase, was arranged by Jordan Degerness, a student at Concordia!
And last but not least, Bel Canto was the final performance of the concert today. Bel Canto is made up of upperclassmen woman who enjoy singing. They opened with a selection from the movie Frozen and finished with a piece that featured an original bass accompaniment. Overall, it was a fun concert to be apart of and I am glad I am involved in choir here at Concordi! If you missed the concert live, or would just like to watch it again, it can be found by clicking HERE.


March Madness

Posted in Dezmond Ward, Uncategorized on March 20th, 2014 by Dezmond Ward – Be the first to comment

It is one of my favorite days of the year! Today, March Madness officially begins! As I do every year, I’ve created a bracket in the hopes of winning the two ESPN groups that I am enrolled in. One of the groups consists of my family members while the other groups has some friends that I have made here at Concordia. I have Florida, Duke, Arizona and Virginia making it passed the field of 68 teams and reaching the Final Four. Of those four, I have Florida and Arizona competing in the championship game with Arizona coming out as the national champions. Hopefully my predictions are all correct and I can win Warren Buffett’s one billion dollars! (He has offered one billion dollars to anyone who can make a perfect bracket which hasn’t happened since March Madness started!) insert picture here

As I said earlier, today is one of my favorite days of the year, and definitely my favorite day of March Madness. Today there will be sixteen highly competitive basketball games played today. Over the course of the next four days, there will be 48 games played in total. I will sometimes be watching a game on my laptop and a game on my tv to ensure I do not miss any of the action. I have been invited to my aunt and uncle’s house in Fergus Falls for the weekend to enjoy watching the games on their big screen! Enjoy the games and here’s hoping that you win the billion dollars if I don’t!


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This has been the hardest semester that I have faced in my entire educational career. It is not because of my classes that things are extremely difficult, in fact they haven’t been too bad. Instead it’s the things life has thrown at me this semester that have made it all the more difficult. In the last two months I’ve lost two people in my life completely out of left field, the most recent happening this past week. Both were healthy individuals that woke up that morning or went to bed that evening not expecting to meet our Maker soon. Both were extremely active people and had lived full lives up to this point.

I truly believe from every bad experience that we have in life we can learn something from it. I feel that is still the case in the death of my friends too. First, I believe that this just serves as a reminder to all of us to live more meaningful lives filled with joy, excitement, and love, seizing every opportunity that we have been given as we never know when a day might be our last. I have also learned from this experience that I made the right choice in coming to Concordia. I have had to miss a few days of classes due to these misfortunes and the faculty and students have been extremely loving and understanding of what I am going through during this time. I am so glad I am here at this place right now! Finally I think this reminds us to not take life for granted. I think so often we find ourselves saying “I will be happy when…”. Since these deaths, I’ve been more conscious of words like these and have found myself saying it too often. “I will be happy when the new semester starts in the fall and I can escape this semester.” “I will be happy when it’s summer because it will be warm and nice instead of cold and snowy.” When words like these come to my head, I just remind myself to be happy in the moment for I will never get to experience it ever again.