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Finals Are Here

Posted in Mikayla Bergeron on April 22nd, 2016 by Mikayla Bergeron – Comments Off on Finals Are Here

Snapchat-4824077231514310613Finals are here and it’s go time! This week students will have one last time to get together with there professors on Monday before having a study day on Tuesday and then finishing the week off with finals.

For some students this is the most stressful time of year and I can’t disagree with that. In the matter of three days I will have a piano jury, a voice jury, a conducting test, a baroque singing test to demonstrate my knowledge of that time period, and a few other smaller projects to turn in. The nice thing about performance based classes is if you have worked hard throughout the semester, you are more prepared to do well during your finals. However, if you haven’t been dedicated to working hard during the week through practice, juries will be some of the most stressful times of the year. This year I feel as though I have put so much time into developing my technique as a singer that I feel confident I will do well on my finals.


This next week I am looking forward to finishing up my classes and enjoying a relaxing weekend with friends before heading off for the summer.


Posted in Mikayla Bergeron on April 19th, 2016 by Mikayla Bergeron – Comments Off on Callbacks:

1383226_669323263086341_1529116310_nThis Monday Dr. Clausen met with the returning members of The Concordia Choir and the hopeful students auditioning for a position in next year’s choir. Every year Dr. Clausen meets one-on-one with students auditioning for next year’s choir in an initial audition and then on the evening of the Masterworks concert when he posts a list for callbacks. Callbacks are when the returning members of each section meet with the students who have moved on to the second audition phase. At this point Dr. Clausen hears the returning members to figure out what type of voice he needs to find for the section and then goes to work hearing the students auditioning for the position. Once Dr. Clausen has found the voice he thinks will fit in well with the section, he shakes their hand and leads them across the threshold into their new section.

Those auditioning for my section had an extremely tough year for being accepted. This year only two members from the alto one section graduated, which means there were only two positions open in the section for those trying to make it into the choir. After about twenty-five minutes of back and forth singing between the returning members and the auditioning students, Dr. Clausen made his decision. The alto one section for the 2016-17 school year is ready to sing next year. Congratulations and welcome to all of the new members.

Masterworks Concert

Posted in Mikayla Bergeron on April 18th, 2016 by Mikayla Bergeron – Comments Off on Masterworks Concert

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 7.48.19 PMThis past Sunday the Concordia College Orchestra and choirs performed Ludvig Van Beethoven’s Mass in C Major. The performance featured three of Concordia’s own music faculty, Anne Jennifer Nash singing soprano, Holly Janz singing mezzo-soprano, and David Hamilton singing tenor. Artist Eric H. Olson was featured as guest baritone for the performance. The performance went extremely well as the orchestra and choirs watched for every gesture from conductor Foster Beyers, as he molded and shaped the sound of the instrumentalist and vocalist.

This concert is always one of my favorites throughout the year. It offers a chance for Concordia’s choirs and orchestra to collaborate with each other for an exciting performance, which only happens twice a year. Each year the choirs gather for around three weeks of rehearsal, meeting only with the orchestra and the soloist three times before the performance on Sunday. With such little time every single performer is asked to focus hard on the goal at hand and to pay attention to the details. Year after year the choirs, orchestra and soloists are able to grasp onto the music with enough time to spare to pull off a wonderful performance.

Junior Year vs. Other Years

Posted in Mikayla Bergeron on April 15th, 2016 by Mikayla Bergeron – Comments Off on Junior Year vs. Other Years

10403224_10207035331027605_6447686195405120795_nFinals week is finally here and all I can say is “Thank goodness.” I’ve heard from previous students that the junior year will be the busiest. I didn’t believe them until now. This year has been one full of so many exciting and enjoyable experiences, yet it has also been the most stressful of any year I have had at college. This is also the year I feel as though I have grown the most as a music educator, a singer, and also as a human. As a music educator I have learned and developed my own sense of style for conducting a choir along with what I want my students to take away from my classes. As a singer I have been developing my technique for years, but this year has been unlike any other. This year I have figured out so much of how to sing and enjoy singing. I know that “enjoying singing” should be easy to do, but it can actually prove to be quite difficult. As for growing as a human, I feel I have done the most of that in the practice room and how I address myself while working on singing. I have found out that I may not always grasp a new singing technique right away, but if I am patient with my voice, and myself, I will learn it in time.

Study Buddies

Posted in Mikayla Bergeron on April 13th, 2016 by Mikayla Bergeron – Comments Off on Study Buddies

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 7.56.09 PMMost Saturdays while I am at school, I wake up and head straight to my local Caribou Coffee for a long study session. I usually arrive between 9:15 and 9:45 a.m. At this time in the morning most college students have not made it out of bed yet and the early birds are about to take off. It is during this period I see the same four people arrive and settle in for the long haul study session with me. I did not start to notice this phenomenon happening until around December of this past school year. Ever since then, I have come to know and count on these four people as my study buddies. For months we have posted up next to one another, hunched over books, each trying to conquer their own battles for that weekend’s work, and downing numerous cups of coffee.

Even though we all may be studying separate subjects, I feel as though we have been rooting for each other to do well, and have been seen showing support through the occasional smile and head nod of “Yeah, I know, I’m struggling too.” With one week left of school for me and another student, their sweatshirt indicating the neighboring college, we all meet once more on Saturday morning and go through the morning pouring over books and computers. As I stand to pack up my bag, a study buddy sitting on the other side of me, takes out an earbud, smiles and says “Go kill those finals, okay?” I reply with a smile and a “Yeah, you too.”