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Hi there! My name is Katie Beedy and I am a communication studies and multimedia journalism double major, class of 2018. I am also considering a minor in women’s and gender studies. I have lived here in lovely Moorhead, Minnesota for my entire life. After years of telling myself that I needed to break free and go to school far away, I finally gave in to the voice in my head telling me that Concordia was where I needed to be (and my goodness, am I glad I did). I don’t think any other school could better suit my combined passions for music, theatre, people, literature, food, social justice, adventures, and corn-related puns.

I love words and I love Concordia. I hope to use these loves to share my Cobber experience with you all.

Katie Beedy

Adventures in Creative Writing

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Final critiques!

Final critiques!

I love to write. I excel at writing research papers, I work as a writing tutor in the AEWC, I blog, and I hope to (maybe) be a journalist one day. The one form of writing that has always intimidated me is poetry. While I love reading and listening to poetry, and even tried my hand at writing (what I thought was) poetry when I was an angsty preteen, the idea of putting my deepest thoughts and emotions into something to be read by others has always terrified me. So, you can imagine my panic when I found out that English 227, an elective I had chosen to take for my multimedia journalism major this semester, would be almost centered around poetry.

Foundations in Creative Writing, taught by Dr. William J. Snyder, is divided into sections of poetry and fiction/creative nonfiction writing. This means that for the past month my classmates and I have been reading poems by Laux, Fairchild, and Olds, writing our own based on the things we have learned from those three greats, and critiquing each other’s work in class. Handing in that first poem was one of the most anxiety-inducing things I had ever done. I had written about both my relationship with Isaac and the death of my grandmother, and I could not fathom the idea of my classmates taking my very personal words home and criticizing them. However, when we workshopped our poems in class two days later, my fear began to fade: They loved my poem, and the comments they had were very helpful in helping me improve my work. Now, almost two weeks later, I am about  to receive my classmate’s comments on my third and final poem. I cannot wait to see what they have to say.

Moral of the story: Take English 227. Don’t be afraid of poetry. Just put your pencil down on paper and start writing.

My Own Never-Ending Sandwich

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My fellow blogger Kelsey Rausch rhapsodized in a recent post about the most delicious sandwich she had ever made. Today, I shared a similarly spiritual experience.

I must preface this with a mildly embarrassing confession: until this winter, I had never visited the Fillings station in DS. I spent my first three semesters at Concordia intimidated by the Subway-style sandwich station, unsure of how to approach the counter or what do once I got there. In December, after months of watching my friends sit down to dinner with tasty looking sandwiches on their plates, I made my roommate Rachel guide me through the process. I selected my bread, meat, cheese, and veggies as per Rachel’s suggestions and breathed a sigh of relief when the woman responsible for assembling my sandwich handed me my plate. This first sandwich, while tasty, was nothing special. As I became better acquainted with Fillings, I also became more adventurous: testing out the specialty breads, adding new sauces, even taking a crack at the panini press!

All of my culinary exploits paid off tonight at dinner, when I finally made the perfect sandwich. Its ingredients were:

  • Focaccia bread
  • Turkey
  • Swiss cheese
  • Lettuce
  • Cucumbers
  • Black olives
  • Ranch
  • A bit of chipotle dressing

Once the sandwich had been assembled, I popped it in the panini press to toast the bread and melt the cheese. I then grabbed a glass of raspberry iced tea and sat down to partake in one of the most memorable sandwich-eating experiences of my 20 years of life. I will definitely be replicating it in the near future.

Jubilate Deo

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Isaac & I at the premiere!

Isaac & I at the premiere!

My boyfriend Isaac, whom I have mentioned in several of my previous posts, graduated from Concordia last spring with a degree in music education. On top of teaching basic music to sixth graders and co-conducting the choirs at Sartell High School, Isaac also uses his education and obscene amount of talent to compose choral music. His potential did not go unrecognized by the music faculty at Concordia during his four years here; last May, just as Isaac was preparing for graduation, Dr. Michael Culloton asked him to compose a piece for a group called the Fargo-Moorhead Choral Artists.

This summer I watched as Isaac toiled over potential texts, eventually deciding on the liturgical Latin text to Psalm 100, and listened as he polished rhythms and harmonies. This weekend I sat by his side as the Artists, under Dr. Culloton’s direction, brought “Jubilate Deo” to life. I have had a lot of proud moments in my life; however, few compare to the experience of seeing my boyfriend’s name on a program next to Bach and Tallis and listening to the notes that he worked so hard to perfect echo in the beautiful acoustics of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.

I know everyone brags about their significant others, but this guy really is something special.

The Writing Center!

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Papers are an unavoidable part of the college experience, especially at a liberal arts school like Concordia. Some will be three pages, some will be twelve. Some will be creative, some will be research-based. Some people  enjoy writing them, some hate it more than they hate making the trek from Offutt to Knutson on -10 degree days. I happen to be one of those weird people who LOVES to write academic papers. I get a kick out of compiling research and taking notes and creating thesis statements and organizing my word vomit into cohesive thoughts. That is why I chose to work as a tutor in the Writing Center here at Concordia.

The Writing Center, located on the mezzanine floor of the Carl B. Ylvisaker Library, is an incredibly useful resource and I encourage all Cobbers to take advantage of it. We can help you with every step of the writing process, from brainstorming research topics to making final grammatical edits the day before your paper is due. All you need to do is set up an appointment! To do so, visit https://www.concordiacollege.edu/directories/offices-services/academic-enhancement-center/writing-center/ and click on the “Make an Appointment” link. From there, select either the 30 minute option (reserved for papers under six pages) or the 60 minute option. Select a date and time and you’re all set! We also offer walk-in services if you have any quick questions, such as how to create an APA in-text citation or whether you should be using a comma or semicolon.

The Writing Center is a very laid-back environment, but I promise that the assistance you receive there will  be incredibly beneficial. Come visit us! 🙂

Roomie Target Runs

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Off to Target!

Off to Target!

Upon returning to campus from Christmas break, I set to work on a pretty lengthy to-do list: sweep the floor of my dorm, wipe off my desk, make my bed, put my laundry away, ensure that I have all of the books and materials I need for my upcoming classes, clean out my desk drawers and reorganize my shelves, water my dying plant, and make a Target run with my roommates, Rachel and Natalie.

Roommate Target runs are one of my favorite rituals. Every couple of months the three of us set aside our other responsibilities, get into one of our cars, and make the pilgrimage to that mecca of groceries, clothing, and household goods. We divide and conquer with our shopping lists in hand, meeting up in the in-store Starbucks once we have made our purchases. These outings are more than a fun bonding experience; they are also an opportunity to save a little money.Here are some pointers that you and your roommates can use to have the best Target experience possible:

1. Share your lists, and hold each other to them. Admit it: you’ve walked into Target to get two or three items and walked out with a cart full of items you never knew you needed or wanted. Don’t worry, it happens to even the most frugal of shoppers! However, if you tell your roommates exactly what you need to get beforehand they can stop you from bringing that ceramic squirrel bookend up to the register.

2. Take turns purchasing items all will benefit from. There are some items that my roommates and I always seem to need: microwave popcorn, diet Coke, replacement cubes for our wax melter, Kleenexes, etc. Because these things will be used by all of us, it only makes sense that all of us help pay for them. Rather than splitting the cost at check-out or paying each other back later, we just alternate– whoever bought the last 24-pack of diet Coke is off the hook for the next.

3. Download the Cartwheel app! Target has developed an app called Cartwheel which enables you to browse through weekly offers and add them to your “barcode”. You hand your phone to the cashier after all of your items have been scanned and they use that barcode to apply all of the relevant discounts. The offers may not seem like much at first glance—just 5% off a bottle of shampoo or 10% off a pair of jeans– but after a few shopping trips you can really start to see the money add up. I’ve had Cartwheel for about six months, and I’ve managed to save almost $50. Every cent counts!