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Hello! My name is Ali, and I am so incredibly excited to share my thoughts with the COBBlog! I am from Dilworth, MN (basically a suburb of Moorhead), graduated from Oak Grove Lutheran High School in Fargo, and I plan on majoring in English (either literature or writing… decisions, decisions…).

I grew up to the recorded sounds of piano music and occupied myself with the whims of my imagination. In high school I was involved in choir and theatre and fell in love with my AP English Literature class. In my free time, I love listening to music, reading, playing piano, and watching movies/television shows. I have a rather unfortunate sweet tooth and an unconditional love for bread. And, most importantly, I could not be more excited to be a part of the Cobber community! I am looking forward to see where the next four years take me!

Ali Froslie


Posted in Ali Froslie on April 30th, 2016 by Ali Froslie – Comments Off on Blinking
Here's to continuing the journey...

Here’s to continuing the journey…

I think I blinked during my high school graduation and suddenly became a junior in college.

It doesn’t seem quite right, that I should be halfway done with college. I feel like I just got here. And I know I’ll probably blink before bed tonight and suddenly be standing at commencement, ready (or not) to go out into the world with a college degree.

My, does time fly. Completely cliché, but entirely true… as clichés usually seem to be.

This year was awesome in many ways. I got to sing in choir again, make some new friends and keep in contact with old, and take some pretty amazing classes. I learned a bit about the history of the English language, read some amazing pieces (classics and student works), did a research paper on Harry Potter, and even learned a bit about a fetal pig. I can’t wait to continue to learn more and widen my world view and take some more really, really cool courses. I’m grateful for two more years, but I’m also a bit nervous. I know they will go super quickly.

I’m getting a bit ahead of myself now though. For now, I’m going to enjoy summer… watch some movies and read a ton of good books (I’m working on my reading list for break, and I’m so excited to delve into new stories and authors!). I’m going to take advantage of the opportunities I have at work. And then, in the fall, I’ll return to the dorm and return to my friends and classes. And I’ll try to soak up every minute… which is hard sometimes, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

And eventually, I’ll go to the next step, whatever and wherever that may be. But, I’ll figure that out in a few more blinks. 🙂


Posted in Ali Froslie on April 23rd, 2016 by Ali Froslie – Comments Off on Sentimental
I'll start feeling the nostalgia soon... remembering Halloween and everything before and between too. It was a good year.

I’ll start feeling the nostalgia soon… remembering Halloween and everything before and between too. It was a good year.

The sentimentality is going to set in soon; I know it. I’m a pretty sentimental person. I keep random things because of the value I assign to them– books, tickets, letters, the label off my choir robe hanger. They are outwardly pretty meaningless, but to me they are the witnesses to some of my best memories. It’s a bit silly, but I can’t help myself. I do the same thing with places. Recognizing where a specific memory happened and assigning special meaning to that place, couch, patch of floor…

I end my sophomore year of college in approximately four days. I have all my finals throughout the day on Wednesday, then I’ll go back to my dorm room, pack up my things, hand in my key, and head home. Right now, I’m too busy to feel sentimental. I’ve got three tests to study for and a forty page manuscript to revise. But I’m predicting it– on Monday or Tuesday night I’ll start getting the first bittersweet flutters in my stomach. I’ll start looking around the emptying room and thinking, ah, that’s where we all watched New Girl on Friday nights. That’s where I studied my butt off for that test. That’s where our twinkle lights hung after we put them up on the hottest night of the century (maybe not quite, but it sure felt like it).

On Monday or Tuesday night I’ll start realizing that our nights are numbered in that dorm room together, and I’ll get very nostalgic. I got the same way last year. The knowledge that the space will soon not be ours anymore… no memories will be made within those walls. As I walk out of the door, I’ll be closing the door on my entire sophomore year.

Yeah, I’ll be back next year, and my roommates and I will continue to make memories. But, it will be different. Each year is different, and this year was so fun and interesting and instrumental in my development as a human being. All these thoughts will be coming soon. Right now, however, I’ve got to get back to studying. Everything in its right time. 🙂

A Day in the Life

Posted in Ali Froslie on April 15th, 2016 by Ali Froslie – Comments Off on A Day in the Life
A schedule is often my saving grace.

A schedule is often my saving grace.

It’s no secret, Cobbers are busy people. On any given weekday (and the weekends too!) you’ll see students traversing the campus on their way to classes, meetings, the library, the printer, the theatre, a practice room, DS or the Maize, work… you get the picture.

My days on campus are typically busy as well, but this Friday was a bit busier than normal. So, here we are, folks, I present to you “A Day in the Life of One Young Cobber.”

7:00am: Alarm goes off. Angry arm flailing. I eventually turn it off.

7:04am: I’ll just lay here just a bit longer…

7:07am: Okay, seriously get up.

7:50am: Arrive in classroom. Silently curse the three flights of stairs I stumbled up.

8:00am-9:10am: Nonfiction workshop session. My piece was up for discussion today, so during our hour and ten minutes, I rotated between three groups of classmates to hear what they had to say about my writing– what they liked, and what they suggested for improvement. It’s a really cool process and very helpful!

9:15am: Run back to dorm room… I forgot my lap top.

9:15am-10:20am: Study a bit longer for Biology 101 exam.

10:30am-11:00am: Take Biology 101 exam. Try not to cry.

11:00am-12:00pm: Set up camp in a practice room in Hvidsten. Warm up before choir audition.

12:00pm: Audition again for choir… very excited for next year!

12:00-1:00pm: Poke at homework. Literally and figuratively (but mostly figuratively).

1:00pm-1:40pm: Conduct an interview for work. Get inspired.

1:40pm-2:40pm: Write an email, write a blog post.

2:40pm-3:50pm: Attend Cultural Anthropology- talk about marriage cultures in different parts of the world. Leave intrigued.

3:50pm-5:00pm: Traverse back to dorm room. Wash dishes.

5:00pm-6:15pm: Final choir and orchestra rehearsal before Masterworks concert on Sunday at 7pm! (Be there or be square!)

6:15pm-7:00pm: Dinner… DS had kit kat bars. Yum!

7:00pm-on: a mix of procrastination and homework. Finals are coming, but the Netflix temptation is also very strong. 🙂

3 Things to Look Forward to In April

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This is what my life looks like now... but in a few weeks, I'll be free of papers!

This is what my life looks like now… but in a few weeks, I’ll be free of papers!

Even though the wind is howling and the weather is colder than the word April would suggest, spring is indeed upon us. For us Cobbers, this is an exciting time. Not only is summer close enough to taste, but there are tons of really cool events that take place in April. Even though many of us are feeling homeworked out, there’s enough excitement to keep us going. 🙂
1. Masterworks concert. Like the Christmas Concerts, this is a collaboration between all the different choirs and the orchestra as well. This year, we are performing Mass in C Major by Beethoven with some super talented faculty and guest soloists. It’s a challenging piece, but the choirs have been working hard (I’m so excited to hear the orchestra and the soloists as well… they always sound amazing!). Swing on by on April 17th for some good ol’ music making!
2. Cornstock. The announcement is tonight, folks. We have yet to find out which artists are coming to play at Cornstock (a big concert CEC puts on at the end of the April to celebrate the year). Tonight is also the Battle of the Bands… an event at which Cobber bands compete for the chance to play before the main groups at Cornstock. It’s a pretty cool opportunity for some terrifically talented troupes!
3. The end of finals! Who am I kidding? Who doesn’t look forward to finals being done? Well, I guess the end of the year always is a bit bittersweet, but right now, I am looking forward to having a break from mandatory studying and class work. Yes, I love school, but I also love having time to read my own books and watch a little Netflix too. 🙂 But, come fall, I’ll be very excited to start my new classes– all of which look very interesting!

A Wild Week

Posted in Ali Froslie on March 26th, 2016 by Ali Froslie – Comments Off on A Wild Week
Despite my worried expression, I adore these altos!

Despite my worried expression (in the center), I adore these altos!

Well, here I am, sitting on my bed at home, vaguely sick and still mildly sleep deprived. But, I’m totally fine with it.

Let me catch you up.

The last week or so has been one of the busiest. Last Thursday the Chapel Choir packed up two coach buses and headed off to tour Minnesota for a few days. This was one of the best experiences in my colligate career so far. We had so much fun– eating WONDERFUL church potlucks, staying with some AMAZING host families after concerts, exploring MALLS (okay, malls aren’t that exciting, but I needed to keep the pattern :)), and making some TERRIFYING face swaps (that new SnapChat app is sometimes too accurate…). Not to mention, we got to sing songs that I absolutely loved performing. A few people did get quite ill over the duration of the weekend, but I fortunately held out until we were back. And, all in all, it’s not terrible to be a little sick if you can sleep in your own bed (thanks Easter break). 🙂

If tour was inspiringly fun (which it totally was), the next couple of days were inspiringly stressful. We got back Sunday and Easter break started Wednesday evening. In that duration of time I had three tests to take… all of which were not studied for over tour. I had a few late night cram sessions, but I am proud to say I survived. Thank you all for your concern.

Ah, just kidding. It wasn’t that bad, and I wouldn’t give my weekend on choir tour back for anything… even if it means I wasn’t as prepared for those tests as I would have liked to be. Getting out and experiencing new places and people is sometimes just as (if not more) important than a few grades in the book!