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Hello! My name is Geneva. I am a Sociology major who loves books and friendly debates.
I work in the Office of Communications and Marketing and the Career Center on campus. I’m a co-President of the Straight and Gay Alliance (SAGA), and I have a passion for activism. I love people, writing, British accents, reading great books and taking pictures. I’m addicted to caffeine, video games, zombie movies, superheroes and sleep.

I’m pretty much in love with living life, and I’m super excited to see where my last year at Concordia takes me.


Geneva Nemzek

Top 5: Things I Learned in College

Posted in Geneva Nemzek on May 1st, 2014 by Geneva Nemzek – 3 Comments

My very first COBBlog post was about the Top 5: Hardest Things About College. In this blog, I had a few words of wisdom that I’m still a little proud of:

“I think that’s what college is about. Charging into the unknown and coming out a better person.”

Now, I’m about to leave Concordia for something new, and am once again charging into the unknown. This time however, I have 4 years worth of an amazing liberal arts education under my belt, which I believe makes me much better off. I have been impacted beyond belief by countless faculty and staff, students, and community members, and I’m so incredibly lucky to have been able to call Concordia my home.

EmilyTo commemorate my time at this school, I’d like to pay homage to my first blog post and give you all an upgraded list. The Top 5 Things I Learned in College.

1. Experiences > Classes
Going to class is important, don’t get me wrong. It’s important to do the things you’re at college to do, but sometimes, it’s equally as important to skip those things. There are so many things that can’t be learned in the classroom, and looking back on my time at Concordia, I’m really happy about the experiences I chose over class.

2. Try everything once. 
I didn’t start living by this mantra until the beginning of my senior year, but I’m so glad I did. This year alone I’ve performed in front of an audience, recorded music for the Concordia CD, been a radio DJ, and sang karaoke. I don’t regret any of these experiences (except maybe the karaoke), and I’m really hoping they’ll continuously remind me to try new things.

3. Network, network, network. 
Connecting with people is more important than I realized when I was a freshman. Most of the jobs I’ve ever had I’ve acquired through networking, to be honest. In addition to being really beneficial, connecting with people is really fun. There are so many cool and interesting people out there.

1382105_778172963727_1297838015_n4. Community is important.
Concordia became more than my school during my 4 years here. It really became a family. In Sociology 111, I learned that people who had a better sense of community were involved in more civic engagement, which in turn made the community better. This is perfectly emulated at Concordia. Concordia students are passionate, driven, involved leaders who consistently influence the affairs of this community and others, and I think a lot of that can be attributed to the sense of family that surrounds this campus.

5. It’s okay to change your mind.
No matter where you are in life (still in high school, graduating college, or in a steady career), never forget that it’s okay to change your mind. What’s right for you today may not be right for you tomorrow, so don’t be afraid to change your mind. As humans, we are constantly changing and growing, and it’s so important to give ourselves room to do that.

Thank you to everyone who has impacted me during my years at Concordia. I’m forever grateful, but I’m ready for the next adventure. You’ll be in my heart, Cobbers.

Soli deo Gloria.


Geneva Nemzek, Librarian

Posted in Geneva Nemzek on April 29th, 2014 by Geneva Nemzek – 2 Comments

MoorheadPublicLibraryPlans are ever and always changing. I don’t even know why I bother making plans anymore, because the universe always seems to have different ideas about what’s best for me. Denver is no longer happening within the time frame that I once had in mind, but I’ve really come to peace with that change, especially now that I have alternate plans.

This morning, I was offered my first ever big kid job. Say hello to the Moorhead Public Library’s newest librarian! This job comes with all those fancy benefits that adults apparently need, which is really kind of cool, and it’s also at a place that I love!

The past few years of my education and work experience have led me right into this job, which is absolutely perfect for me. I’ll be doing a little bit of everything but, most importantly, I’ll be a liaison between people and knowledge – how cool is that?! I’m so incredibly lucky for my experience working at the Concordia library and in the Communications and Marketing department.

I start the Monday after graduation, and I honestly can’t wait. 🙂

Inequality for All

Posted in Geneva Nemzek on April 27th, 2014 by Geneva Nemzek – Be the first to comment
Before the showing!

Before the showing!

Last Friday, the ACLU of North Dakota hosted a free movie screening at the Fargo Theatre. They showed Inequality for All, and it was amazing! Being a college student who is heavily involved in social justice issues, this was perfect for me. It was the right price (free), it was at a great location, and the topic was interesting to me!

Inequality for All is all about income inequality and how it affects people in the United States. I felt super fired up once it was over, and was excited to continue the conversation in my daily life. If Concordia has taught me anything, it’s that conversations about important topics have to continue after the initial starting point. 🙂

The best thing about the FM area is how often cool events like this happen, if you know where to look. I love living in a community that has so much to offer – especially when those offerings are free.

Sam Brinton at Concordia

Posted in Geneva Nemzek on April 26th, 2014 by Geneva Nemzek – 1 Comment
Sam and me

Sam and me

As part of SAGA’s Religion and Sexuality Week, a speaker came to campus to talk about his experience with ex-gay therapy. His name is Sam Brinton, and his story is emotional, horrific, and inspirational. When Sam was a kid, he started realizing he might be gay, and his parents put him in therapy to try to “cure” him. This happens all across the nation (in 48 of the 50 states), and is considered abuse by many national organizations.

After his talk, and after many tears and laughs were shared, the room was buzzing with passion. The people in Barry Auditorium had a plan – they were going to stop conversion therapy in Minnesota and North Dakota. How cool is that?! I love going to a school that is filled with such passion and love.

For the rest of Religion and Sexuality Week, the SAGA table has had people fill out letters to their representatives to stop conversion therapy. This movement will continue on through the summer and through next year (because the new SAGA board is AMAZING!), and I can’t wait to see what incredible things happen because of it.

You heard it here first, folks: conversion therapy in MN and ND are going down, thanks in part to some kick-butt Concordia students. 🙂

SAGA Awards Banquet

Posted in Geneva Nemzek on April 25th, 2014 by Geneva Nemzek – Be the first to comment

SAGA5A couple of weeks ago, SAGA held its first ever end-of-the-year Awards Banquet. (It had been quite a week of firsts for us.) Tears were shed and laughter was shared as SAGA members came together as a family for cupcakes, punch, rainbow jello, beautiful performances, and fun awards.

The banquet was entirely planned by the new executive board, and it was really rewarding to see them pull off the event flawlessly. In some ways, I felt like a proud parent. It has been so incredible to pass off this amazing organization to a new set of people that I know will do absolutely amazingly!

The end of the year is full of banquets, but the SAGA one will forever be my favorite, I think. SAGA has become a family for me, and it was great to get to celebrate with them one final time.