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Vroom, Vroom!

Posted in Mackenzie McCloud on May 4th, 2015 by Mackenzie McCloud – Be the first to comment
That is the smile of a girl who has no idea how she ended up with the best parents in the world.

That is the smile of a girl who has no idea how she ended up with the best parents in the world.

I’m in my own carVroom, vroom!

That was a little Vine humor for ya. You’re welcome.

As some may have seen on the Instagram, the Facebook, or the Twitter, I was expecting a visit from my fam’s patriarch yesterday. Dad called me in the morning, saying he was headed to Lisbon, and he wanted to see me. I’m expecting a casual, afternoon drop-in, and really hoping he’ll buy me dinner. So I do a little laundry, take a shower, organize stuff to be packed, and other miscellaneous mini-chores. He texts me that he’s here, and I’m assuming he’ll come in, so I nix the idea of shoes. Who needs ’em?

So I walk out the East doors, and lo and behold, my father is walking up the sidewalk – with my mom. Now I’m really excited, because 1) I am definitely going out for dinner, and 2) MY MOMMY IS HERE. Fast forward, we hug, I’m like, “yay!” I receive a gift bag with a card and a CD in it. My mom was all, yeah, we got you a stereo for your townhouse, and you can play this, etc.

I’m touched already. Surprising me with my favorite woman was awesome. The card and the CD were so sweet. I’m just so happy, and then Mom says, “Do you want to see the stereo?” Yes, mother, whom I love so dearly. I do want to see the stereo.

FOR THE RECORD – and I did catch a little teasing for this later – I had absolutely, positively, zero clue what was about to happen. I just didn’t put any puzzle pieces together. Even though a car had been discussed previously, and there were so many other things that were just obviously not a coincidence, I was just way too caught up in the fact that Mommy and Daddy had surprised me with a card, and a CD, and dinner (whether they knew it at that point or not).

Now, I’m walking up to the back of what is clearly my dad’s Honda Civic, and he hands me a single key and says,

“No, the stereo’s in that car.” Referring to the magnificently maroon Toyota Avalon parked to the right.

In summary, my parents definitely rock, and I’ve been listening to Lady Antebellum all day.

So It Begins…

Posted in Mackenzie McCloud on May 3rd, 2015 by Mackenzie McCloud – Be the first to comment
My Student Center is student-less. Nope. Not okay. I do not like it one bit.

My Student Center is student-less.
Nope. Not okay.
I do not like it one bit.

It’s quiet. Too quiet. (Insert sad pun about the devastation of Finals Week leaving few survivors.)

Where did all my Cobbers go??

Oh, wait. Hang on – It’s all coming back to me now.. I decided.. to… to stay here. Over the summer. Summer? As in summer break??

Yeah, newsflash to me. People don’t actually do that a lot. Or at least 99.7% of my campus certainly does not. Campus right now is just.. so… well, empty.

I hugged Tina as long as I could – and then I watched her drive off. I helped Abby reorganize her belongings-stuffed little car to perfection (no, I seriously did that great of a job) – and then I watched her drive off.

The calmness and quiet of my surroundings has given me perspective on something. Do you remember how worried you were as as incoming freshman? Not worried, maybe.. but did anything give you pause? I feel like at least half of the time, we’re being told and taught how to handle a situation that has already gone wrong. I was prepared to have a roommate I may not totally like. I was prepared to deal with any potential heartbreaks, failures, and various negatives that could come my way.

No one told me how to handle all the positives. I ended up with an awesome roommate. My heart was filled with new friendships. I was exposed to just an inkling of my potential with all of my opportunities this past year. All I did was blink, move in, blink, have my entire freshman year, and blink again before it was gone.

Um. I don’t like that.

So as I sit here in my dorm room, cozy and anxious for when I can finally move into the townhouses, I am going to make myself a promise. While I cannot control how fast my sophomore year will inevitably fly by, I will try to cherish each and every unique moment. All of ’em. Even when I’m sick or have bad days in general. My sophomore year is going to be legendary – there’s no time for waiting.


‘Til the Next Round

Posted in Mackenzie McCloud on May 1st, 2015 by Mackenzie McCloud – Be the first to comment
This is one of my favorite action shots of all time. It's partially because it's a great shot, and partially because I'm doing so many things right mechanically that I haven't been for, oh, ever. #ThemEyesThough

This is one of my favorite action shots of all time. It’s partially because it’s a great shot, and partially because I’m doing so many things right mechanically that I haven’t been for, oh, ever.

My first collegiate softball season is in the books, folks.

It ended Monday night, with an 8-5 win over Division II Bemidji State University. It felt good to close out the season with a win like that, and it felt just as nice to finally put my streak of ‘OK’ games to rest. (I have to laugh at myself — I’m my own worst critic.)

It didn’t hit me right away that I had put on my uniform for the last time as a rookie. It didn’t hit me that I had played my last out, or hit my last ground ball of the season, until much later. It still kind of hasn’t. I feel like at any point in the next few days, I should be lacing up my cleats and donning my ‘war glitter’ again. But I won’t. Not for the Cobbs, anyway. Not until next spring.

Time to zoom out and look at the bigger picture, though. I made so many friends on this team, and I have learned so much about myself. I’m happy to say that I will never hesitate to fight for every girl that I hit the field with. It was freshmen – because we’re obviously sticking together for the long haul – and upperclassmen alike. Our graduating senior captains, Ashley and Hillary, our graduating junior-and-a-half, Kellie, and all the Cobber ‘ballers have a special place in my heart. I’m beyond lucky to call these girls my softball sisters and o have shared this journey with them. From the fighting hard on field to impromptu talent shows, crazy pre-inning handshakes to team songs, I have enough memories to last me.. well, until the next time I hit the field with that jersey on.

‘Til our next round.

Hip, Hip… Who’s an RA??

Posted in Mackenzie McCloud on April 29th, 2015 by Mackenzie McCloud – Be the first to comment
The 'Legacy Gift' that Erickson's current 5th Floor RA gave to me. It's filled with all kinds of stuff, because, as Kayla put it, "You never know what might come in handy!"

The ‘Legacy Gift’ that Erickson’s current 5th Floor RA gave to me. It’s filled with all kinds of stuff, because, as Kayla put it, “You never know what might come in handy!”

I. Am. So. Excited.

If you haven’t read a certain few – *cough, cough* any –  of my posts about being a student here, let me summarize: I LOVE IT. It’s awesome. And I have loved sharing my experiences as a first year Niblette with everyone I meet, but I especially love sharing them with prospective students. Why? Honestly, because while there is a less than 1% chance that any of these students are as clueless about college as I was, I want to inform them of everything.

I probably toe the ‘overboard’ line. I sometimes start to worry that I’m setting the bar too high – and then I remember that this is Concordia and it’s the best place on the planet and I calm down.

Mainly, though, it’s been me just telling my side of the story, and stopping there. It’s great, but for the longest time I just wanted more for all those potential Niblets and Niblettes out there! How could I be more for them?

And then, being the magical place that this campus is, I started seeing posters about joining the ResLife team as a Resident Assistant.

As the great and inspiring Ron Stoppable always said: BOOYAH.

Before, it was just “This is my story, and your story is going to be great, too!” Now I get to help make their stories great!!

Being a member of the ResLife team is an opportunity that I am so grateful for – especially since my turf is the always epic Erickson Hall. I’ve got so many people around me and resources at my fingertips – it’s crazy, but amazing, because I know that with a team like this, you just can’t lose!

While some people are asking “Is it almost time for summer?” I’m asking, “Is it almost time for training!?”


P.S. Questions about ResLife? I gotchu, compadre. Click the link!


Drag Warz

Posted in Dan Loyas on April 27th, 2015 by dloyas – Be the first to comment

A while back, I posted about some of the things I have never done during my time as a student at Concordia. One of those things was that I have never been to Cornstock. Well, Saturday night was Cornstock and I was not present there. So I’m four for four! Instead, I accompanied my friend Jimmy to East Grand Forks as he performed in Janessa Jaye Champagne’s Drag Warz.

This is a fantastic, out of the ordinary way to run a drag show. None of the performers knew how many songs they were performing or exactly which songs they were performing. Instead, they all spun a big wheel and whatever song it landed on was the song they had to perform. There were tons of twists and turns, like if it lands on another performer’s name they would have to perform the song as well.

There were also fun “chance cards,” such as the Girl Power card. If you landed on that card, you had extra time to prepare your performance while the other queens performed the Spice Girls! I have never seen a drag show quite like this. Plus, Janessa Jaye Champagne is such a treat to watch. I had a great time with Jimmy (Androgyna Galaxy) in East Grand Forks! Take that, Cornstock.

The always beautiful Androgyna Galaxy.

The always beautiful Androgyna Galaxy.