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I’m Dan. I am a Spanish major after studying music education for two years, and I am in the class of 2015. Being a newfound Spanish scholar after training to become a teacher shows my diverse interests—I love languages, I love music, and I love learning. Most importantly, I get a lot of fulfillment from advocacy. Most recently, I have been assisting the deaf, hard of hearing, and speech impaired communicate via the telephone. My favorite things to do at Concordia are the CEC events like grocery bingo, theme dances, and trivia night. I grew up as the youngest of three children in the metropolitan town of St. Anthony Village, Minnesota. My house is literally a mile away from the city of Minneapolis, and I love every aspect of the city–unique shops, diverse people, and amazing arts.

When I’m with my friends, I enjoy playing board and card games (though they can get intense), watching TV and movies (I’m a huge fan of 30 Rock, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and reality TV), thrifting, and spending hours just chatting. Meeting friends who have these same interests as me has been one of the best parts of being at Concordia!

Dan Loyas

Drag Warz

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A while back, I posted about some of the things I have never done during my time as a student at Concordia. One of those things was that I have never been to Cornstock. Well, Saturday night was Cornstock and I was not present there. So I’m four for four! Instead, I accompanied my friend Jimmy to East Grand Forks as he performed in Janessa Jaye Champagne’s Drag Warz.

This is a fantastic, out of the ordinary way to run a drag show. None of the performers knew how many songs they were performing or exactly which songs they were performing. Instead, they all spun a big wheel and whatever song it landed on was the song they had to perform. There were tons of twists and turns, like if it lands on another performer’s name they would have to perform the song as well.

There were also fun “chance cards,” such as the Girl Power card. If you landed on that card, you had extra time to prepare your performance while the other queens performed the Spice Girls! I have never seen a drag show quite like this. Plus, Janessa Jaye Champagne is such a treat to watch. I had a great time with Jimmy (Androgyna Galaxy) in East Grand Forks! Take that, Cornstock.

The always beautiful Androgyna Galaxy.

The always beautiful Androgyna Galaxy.

A First Time for Everything

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Since there is only a week left until graduation, I am trying to do some of the things I have never done in my four years here. One great thing about Fargo-Moorhead is that it is home to three colleges as well as a handful of tech schools, and the University of North Dakota is an hour’s drive north. Thanks to this grouping of schools, Concordia, UND, NDSU, and MSUM are often able to collaborate on many projects and events.

At the end of last week, MSUM hosted the annual Red River Psychology Conference. It is a fabulous event with speakers, lectures, poster sessions, and more. My social psychology professor, Dr. Mark Covey, strongly encouraged us to go during our class time on Friday. The point of this post is not that I went to the Red River Psychology Conference for the first time, as I went last year when Concordia hosted it. It is the route I took to the Center for Business on MSUM’s campus.

I do not like to cut corners in anything I do. I wait for lights to change before crossing the street, I am very meticulous about how I clean, and I will always find time to make my schedule work. I broke out of that normal routine on Friday. Even though I live next to the Prairie Home Cemetery on 8th Street, I have never even set foot inside its fences. However, I knew that cutting through the cemetery was the quickest way to MSUM. So, I entered the cemetery for the first time!

Snapped a quick picture on my walk through.

Snapped a quick picture on my walk through.

I’m not incredibly superstitious, but I do believe in ghosts and spirits. However, there is also a more rational side of me that understands that the cemetery is just a bunch of people buried in the ground. Plus, it was broad daylight. Nothing to worry about or get freaked out about. However, I must admit that the fresh dirt in front of a grave marker was a little unsettling. For some reason, I know that I would have regretted not going into the cemetery once I moved away, so I am glad I took a shortcut!

Never Have I Ever

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Western Europe selfie!

Western Europe selfie!

I have had a lot of unique opportunities and experiences during my time at Concordia. I have gone on three Concordia Band tours, studied abroad and traveled around Western Europe, and have been politically active by canvassing and rallying in Moorhead. I have also done less significant things like volunteering at the Dorothy Day Food Pantry, enjoying the Moorhead Dairy Queen, and playing grocery bingo. However, there are some Concordia traditions that I have never done.

1. The Concordia Christmas Concert. I got to see part of the Christmas Concerts my sophomore and junior years because members of the Concordia Band always usher, but I simply did not see it my freshman year and I was out of the country this year!

2. Cornstock. A mob of people packed into Memorial Auditorium on a hot spring day just does not interest me. I can find more fun and/or more productive things to do.

3. Habitat for Humanity. It seems like you’re not truly a Cobber unless you have been on a spring break Habitat for Humanity trip. In my defense, I was not even aware of this opportunity during my freshman year. By the time I becamse a senior, that was when I really wanted to do a Habitat trip. However, being abroad meant that there were tons of other things vying for my attention, and I missed the signup. Womp womp.


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As graduation day comes closer and closer, I find myself reflecting on a lot of the great things that have happened over the course of my time here. However, there is one particular group of people here at Concordia who can relate–The only people here who have been through it all with me: the other seniors who have spent four years at Concordia. Here are some #justseniorthings:

  • The time that campus was blanketed in a beautiful layer of hoarfrost
  • Atmosphere playing at our first Cornstock
  • The last year of Dr. Scott Jones’s direction of the Concordia Band and Echo Band
  • Nikky Finney and Thanha Lai’s visit to Concordia for the National Book Awards. I had the privilege of joining Ms. Finney at the Hotel Donaldson for tea, snacks, and conversation.

    Yet another photo of freshman Dan, this time with Nikky Finney at her book signing.

    Yet another photo of freshman Dan, this time with Nikky Finney at her book signing.

  • As I mentioned in my  most recent post, when the band members took on unlimited wing night at Buffalo Wild Wings for the first time
  • The Zoli Summer Book Read, and Colum McCann’s address at our first Symposium, “The Role of the Artist in Society”
  • Bach’s Mass in B Minor for Oratorio
  • Cobber Cash discounts at The Maize. There is actually still a notice at the register at The Maize notifying customers that the discount will no longer be effective as of May 2012.
  • When SAGA made an “It Gets Better” video for LGBTQ youth!

Chicken Challenge

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My freshman year, I heard about a legendary group of young men in band who went to Buffalo Wild Wings on a Wednesday night, when they have all you can eat traditional wings. Between the fifteen men, they conquered 605 wings.

They’ve got nothing on us. Four years later, a group of us decided to tackle this chicken challenge and break the record earlier in the week. Our original group of fifteen eventually dwindled down to twelve due to scheduling conflicts. This left us in a bit of a predicament. Fifteen people eating more than 605 wings was already going to be a problem, and now we would have to do it with only twelve.

This is freshman Dan with Wing Mountain, proof that I LOVE wings!

This is freshman Dan with Wing Mountain, proof that I LOVE wings!

I love me some wings. Buffalo wings are hands down my favorite food of all time, but even I knew that this would be a challenge. After a day of fasting and preparing, we were ready to slay this challenge. Some people hit their wall earlier than they had expected (including me), but when all was said and done, we took on 518 wings. It’s not 605, but for twelve people, it’s not bad. In fact, if you prorate the number of wings each person ate, if we had a team of fifteen, we would have murdered that challenge. I am proud to have taken on this challenge for the sake of band glory!