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Kaitlyn Boily

Thank you!

Posted in Kaitlyn Boily on April 29th, 2011 by Kait – Be the first to comment

You were the friendly hello
A reminder to smile
You were the beckoning arm
Telling me to sit and rest a while

You were the pleasant surprise
Hope’s bright, shining star
The “come out, dear one,
From wherever you are!”

You were the beacon of wisdom
When I, dazed and confused,
Stumbled through life,
Knowing not what to do

You were the challenger’s voice
The dare to do more
To push myself further
Than ever before

I speak not just for myself
But others as well
With a chorus of many
Do these thanks I tell

And now that I’m done
The years finished through,
I wanted to stop
Bid farewell
And a hearty Thank You!

Makes me smile

Posted in Kaitlyn Boily on April 27th, 2011 by Kait – Be the first to comment

Daffodils in full bloom…

The joy of a young child hunting for Easter eggs...

Waking up to the sound of birds singing near my window…

An evening out with friends at Teaberry’s…

Catching up with my roomate on our Easter adventures…

Seeing the bruise on my arm from the 4-year-old Tyrannosaurus Rex  (yes, my Easter was that awesome)…

Looking around this campus, knowing that it has blessed me, challenged me, and helped mold me into the person I am today…

Makes me smile.

What makes you smile?



Posted in Kaitlyn Boily on April 22nd, 2011 by Kait – Be the first to comment

Tests aren’t the only finals I’m having around campus.

Here's a pic of my last class--a meal out!--and my last lesson: boys never, ever grow up.

My final presentation of my college career was last Tuesday.  I took my last test on Thursday. My past paper is…TBD. My last meeting for Campus Crusade was on Tuesday. I just took my last trip home as an undergrad yesterday.

I don’t know if I realized it yet…but I’m not coming back next year. One more week, and I’ll be done. For good.

It’s going to be a big change. Graduating from High School sure was–but that turned out to be just the beginning of a wonderful adventure!

I hope this one is too–the future is more uncertain. Although I’ve been applying for jobs, there’s no guarantee.

I guess there won’t be a last application to worry about come next Sunday!



Muffins are the best study partner next to humans

Posted in Kaitlyn Boily on April 19th, 2011 by Kait – Be the first to comment

What do I like to do? Bless others of course!

And let me tell you…at this time of year people need a lot of blessing. We’ve just came out of the flood, we’re making summer plans (aka looking for jobs), and finals are right around the corner!

Of course, my friends would make it through everything just fine, but a little note of encouragement and a muffin wouldn’t hurt either = )

So, that was my study partner on Sunday night. A plethora of notes to glue and muffins to bake with whatever was left in my kitchen. I’m pretty sure some maple syrup and applesauce even made it in there…those who ate them told me they didn’t turn out half bad though!

p.s. If you didn’t get one–we’re still friends! I ran out of eggs so I couldn’t make another batch.

So…how has someone blessed you this week? How have you blessed someone else?

Get a job!

Posted in Kaitlyn Boily on April 14th, 2011 by Kait – 1 Comment

Not gonna lie, graduating is a lot of things. It’s exciting, it’s stressful, but overall it’s a wonderful next step in life.

And Concordia has just the ticket to help you land on your feet!

I wouldn't have a smile like this on after the fair if it weren't for the Career Center!

The Career Center is an AMAZING resource for almost anything you need to get a job! I’ve been to a few workshops on resumes and cover letters, had a fancy dinner accompanied with guidelines on how to navigate a business meal, gone over future plans individually with the staff , and even had opportunities to go to a few job fairs!

I went to one job fair this past Monday–and boy, am I glad that they prepared me! I had my resume, my elevator speech, and even  an interview already scheduled before I arrived! I’d be completely lost without the pointers from the friendly staff at the Career Center–thanks to all of you!