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Amy Tran is a senior studying Communication and Chinese with a Creative Writing minor. She is also involved in numerous other activities on campus, including Reslife, Intercultural Affairs, Djembe, band, and Student Government Association (SGA). She enjoys writing poetry, talking with her mother, and watching the occasional episode of Bob’s Burgers.

Amy Tran

Twas the week before finals

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Cornstock 2015 photo courtesy of CEC.

Cornstock 2015 photo courtesy of CEC.

And campus is totally gearing up for this year’s Cornstock event. I missed out on last year’s musical celebration; this year, I plan to check out what The Ready Set and Chiddy Bang have to offer to Concordia.

I am thankful that Concordia has such a dedicated team of entertainment enthusiasts who bring a variety of exciting events throughout the year to campus. I’ve also had the pleasure of working with Campus Entertainment Commission (CEC) in the past, and I have been excited to watch this year’s leadership board develop CEC as an interactive team.

In particular, the little giveaways and events leading up to Cornstock 2015 has been a really good public relations strategy for CEC and the event itself. Each of the various social media channels that CEC has (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat) host different contests and giveaways to lucky Cobbers. They have been a really great way for CEC to interact with other students, spread the word about what CEC does, and hopefully influence younger students to get involved in the future.

Anyway, if you haven’t heard of the two artists coming tomorrow, don’t worry. Most people don’t beforehand and frantically use Spotify to see what they sound like. I am especially interested in the Bad Decisions, a student-group that will open for The Ready Set.

Celebrating Student Scholarship

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photo Concordia recently held it’s annual Celebration of Student Scholarship, an all day event that showcases the research, theatre, and art projects that students have been working on all semester. What could be a better way of spending a Wednesday?

Since classes reconvene at the Celebration of Student Scholarship, there is not reason not to go to any of the concurrent sessions or poster presentations. Numerous friends of mine presented their projects, and I have to say, I was quite impressed (which is not a surprise; Cobbers are very talented)!

My favorite morning session was a presentation on the influence of Charlie Chaplin in France. France, who has had a history of satirical culture, upheld Chaplin as an example of great satire. Interestingly enough, the presenters also analyzed French satire by looking at Charlie Hebdo, the incendiary magazine that made headlines around the world after an attack on its headquarters. The presenters looked at the satire trends of Chaplin and Charlie, and found that though both make fun at political issues, Chaplin in fact usually satirizes those in power (such as the US government). However, Charlie Hebdo satirizes “everyone”, as they claim, but seems to focus on those who are already marginalized. This was a very interesting connection, and I am very glad I attended this session.

I hope next year more students get involved. Celebration of Student Scholarship is a wonderful opportunity for everyone!

The Arrows and Slings of Outrageous Fortune

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The magazine's title comes from none other than the Bard himself.

The magazine’s title comes from none other than the Bard himself.

Last semester I took a poetry seminar course that allowed me to develop six solid poetry pieces. Our wonderful professor, Dr. Snyder, encouraged us to send our works out to various publications from around the nation, including the Allegheny Review and Polaris Magazine. We were all dubious that our poetry would get published, but he had a lot of faith in us. We went through the tedious process (really, it’s all about keeping track of which poems and where to send them), and then the waiting commenced.

The letters trickled in. Some people heard back fairly quickly, their poem accepted for publication. This was wonderful news! However, at the same time some of my classmates were receiving their acceptance letters, I was also receiving rejection letters. This was slightly discouraging, though I did not have high hopes for publication.

However, on my weekend venture, I received an email from Outrageous Fortune magazine announcing its acceptance of all four of my submitted works! I cried with happiness, and immediately emailed Dr. Snyder. It was really wonderful to hear that a national magazine would be publishing my works for a national audience! It gives me hope that one day, I will be able to dedicate my time to creative writing (though at the moment, that might not be the most realistic goal!).

Happy National Poetry Month!

My best friend is back!

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We are finally in the same time zone again!

We are finally in the same time zone again!

Wednesday marked a momentous occasion for me – and no, it isn’t the AWP Conference, though I do wish I was able to attend. But alas, instead, I traveled down to Twin Cities to pick up Josh from his flight. After two years in Japan, he has finally decided to come home to Minnesota!

The whole trip was a great adventure (even though I missed a lot of class!). I got to stay with two of my good friends, Jordan and Arisa, who have made Minneapolis their home. I was able to explore the commercial areas around the U of M, and even ran into an old high school friend there to catch up on our lives. However, the event of the evening was going to MSP airport to pick up Josh. Of course, you couldn’t miss him – big curls, big glasses, and a big smile when he saw us. We all pulled each other in for a huge group hug, and was joined by one of Josh’s old friends, Skyler! It was like a mini-Concordia reunion.

After a late night, Josh and I traveled back to his hometown with his family, and we got to see all of his sisters and brothers and even the family dog (who grew very attached to Josh very quickly!). It was a wonderful family reunion, and I was just happy Josh was back safely in the States.


What’s Going On After Easter?

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A picture of the wonderful international students from 2012!

A picture of the wonderful international students from 2012!

The last semester break ends today. Which means that my last semester as an undergraduate student is quickly drawing to a close. I know that the next few weeks will go by in a hurry, but I want to bring your attention to a couple of awesome events happening soon:

April 15 – The Celebration of Student Scholarship is an all-day event (hopefully you’ve all heard about it because classes will be re-convene there!) that allows students from all of the academic departments to present their research projects and papers for all of campus. I know a couple of people who will be presenting here, including a certain communication major who wrote his paper on the use of emojis!

April 18 – The annual ISO Carnival will be happening in the Knutson Campus Center from 6 PM – 9 PM! International and domestic students alike are invited to go enjoy unique games, food, and cultural artifacts hosted by various students from different countries. When I was a board member two years ago, we hosted a talent show that showcased over ten countries and their unique heritages. This year, the carnival-theme celebration hopes to interact more with their guests – hope to see you all there!

April 22 – The Eco Expo is the last great “expo” of the year, happening in the atrium from 6:30 – 7:30 PM, and hosted by our Student Environmental Alliance (SEA). This expo showcases all of the environmental and sustainability initiatives happening on campus and in the local community. I will personally be there to represent the Fargo Project, which hopes to transform a storm-water basin into a beautiful commons area for the public. Check it out!