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Since, I am not playing a college sport here at Concordia, one thing I have been looking forward to is intramural sports!  Tonight my Volleyball team takes the court to kick off my first ever season of intramural college sports!  Not to brag, but I think that we are going to win the whole entire league, because yes, our team is that good!  If anybody thinks they can compete with us, I strongly suggest you try to enter the league a little late! Its worth a shot! Where I went to high school in Minnesota, we did not have a mens club or high school team for volleyball so during the summer all of my friends and I would take our talents to the beach to get a good game of volleyball going.


Prior to intramural volleyball, I joined the Mens Volleyball Club team here at Concordia with a bunch of friends.  It’s a great program with a lot of cool people whom I’ve got to know more and more over my time here.  Not to mention, some very good volleyball players!  Hopefully all of the skills and talents they have instilled upon me will transfer over to the court tonight.  I Look forward to a very competitive night of volleyball! Swing on over to Olson Forum to check it out.


  1. Aaron Billberg says:

    This is a fantastic first blog Corey. Keep up the good work! Because we finna win the championship!

  2. Kyle Connelly says:

    You guys actually let this guy blog? wow.

  3. Adam Fordahl says:

    WOW, corey your thoughts are so insightful! I seriously could use some of your wisdom in real life.

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Hello, Im Corey and I’m a Freshman here at Concordia College. I absolutely love it here, and am so glad i chose this as my new home. I am from a small town near the twin cities, Zimmerman, Minnesota.

I love dorm life, and all of the friends I have made at Concordia. Here I plan to study business and a possible minor in accounting or business management. When I have free time I can often be found in Olson forum or in Memorial auditorium playing basketball or volleyball.

I am an only child and am very close with all my family and friends, spending time with them is something I will always love!