How to Vote!

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Voting makes me happy 🙂

It’s almost election day, and if you’re not sure how to vote, it’s about time to learn!!

Voting is super important. I mean, we get a say in our government. In how our lives are run. We get to cast our ballot that says “I believe in this, and I want this.” It’s super super extra important for college students to vote. We’re the kind of people that don’t show up at the polls, and so people in office don’t feel like they have to cater to us or our needs. Well, I say we fix that. If all of us went out and voted, it’d be pretty hard to ignore our needs and wants.

So, how does one vote?

Well, if you live on campus, all you need to bring to the polls (which are in the Atrium!) is your student I.D. The people who work the booths have a list of all people who live on campus and where they live, so you just bring your I.D. and get checked off and then vote! Super easy!

If you live off campus, it’s still really easy! Find your polling place, and then you need your driver’s license, and if the address on your license differs from the address you’re living at, then you’ll need a proof of address. That could be a piece of mail that was sent to your house, or something else “official” with your name and address on it. If you don’t have any of that, you can bring someone to the polls to vouch for you. 🙂

Pretty easy! And so important.

Don’t forget – your vote matters. No matter who you’re voting for, or how you’re voting on the amendments, I beg you to go to the polls. It’s too important not to.

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