Geno Time!

Posted on Wednesday, November 7th, 2012 by

Minnesota, known as the “State of Hockey” is finally getting closer and closer to the day they flood the rinks, lock in the posts, and start some outdoor hockey!

Today, my buddy Jordan Domine and myself were bored after classes so we decided to go into Fargo to go get our hockey skates sharpened.  Jordan, who by the way is a horrible driver, navigated us into West Fargo where we finally found the Play it Again Sports shop right off of I-94.  We walked in, and an array of hockey gear met our eyes, and we couldn’t hold in our excitement.  We waited patiently as our skates were being sharpened and began to mess around with new twigs (hockey sticks) and browse the new equipment.  Being a freshman up here, and a new resident to the Fargo/Moorhead area, I have no clue where any open skating is!  We soon found that right outside of our campus is an outdoor rink that will soon be flooded and ready to go! Its geno time! (Geno, a hockey term for goal)

Speaking of Hockey, our Mens Hockey team takes on St. Olaf this Friday night at 7:00 and Saturday at 2:00 P.M. With a huge win over St. Thomas last Friday night, our Cobbers are looking to have quite the promising season.  Hopefully, sometime this winter we can learn a thing or two from some of the MIAC’s very best.


  1. Adam Fordahl says:

    You are a basketball player….what are you doing??

  2. Adam Fordahl says:

    Jordan is a fantastic driver by the way…your words offend me.

  3. Trevor Lofstedt says:

    Who ever this Corey kid is … This is DEEP

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