Hoarders: Concordia Style

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If you have never seen the television program Hoarders, you need to. Even if you watch it just once. Now I will admit that it is not my favorite show, and if given the choice between that and something else, I will probably choose the non-Hoarders episode. However, I do love seeing all of the stuff people keep around their house. One of my favorite episodes is one in which a woman has thousands and thousands of dolls in her house and shed. I must admit that making a spectacle of these peoples’ disorders is a little concerning to me, but even I am not immune to the gawking phenomenon.

Anyway, I am not here to talk about the show or harangue on why we should let these people fight their battles on their own. I’ve noticed some Cobbers are mini-hoarders. Some people hoard Peace Tea cans. My friend Jen hoards literature from political campaigns. I actually hoard DS mints.

My collection

The reason I take these mints and hoard them is because I dislike not having fresh breath. I almost always have gum on me, but when I don’t want to use up a piece of gum, I just pop a mint. Whenever I feel bad about having these mints, I just remind myself that I could be hoarding worse things. Like chinchillas.

  1. Gia R. says:


    I want you to know that you are not alone. I suffered (or perhaps more accurately, reveled) in the same obsession during my undergrad. In fact to this day, whenever Sue lets me, I take one or two [six or seven].


  2. Andrea J. says:

    Dear Dan,
    I was a DS Mint Hoarder as well. I love mints in general, but particularly enjoyed the DS mints because they were free! My problem as a DS Mint Hoarder was that my friends were enablers. Every time we would leave DS, I told them “if you were really my friends, you will get me mints.” So not only did I have my own mint haul, I had 5 other peoples handfuls of mints. And, due to the addiction, I couldn’t just eat one mint, so the stash didn’t last long until I needed to stock back up.

    DS Mints 4 Life!!!!

  3. Jocelynn says:

    I currently have 9 mints in my coat pocket from breakfast. I swear they are addicting! I also will admit to hoarding peace tea cans. I recycled them just the other day and my room hasn’t been the same since!

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