Happy Birthday!

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Even though his birthday was October 23rd, Josh celebrated his birthday this weekend when his family came up to Moorhead from Brainerd, MN ( a mere 2 hours away). I was fortunate enough to be able to celebrate his birthday with him, and so came along for the ride.

Spending the weekend with him and his family was very interesting in two ways: 1. There are 7 of them, and one of me, and 2. His family dynamic is much different than my family’s. As in, the complete opposite of my family’s.

Josh in the hooded sweatshirt on the right; his father lighting his birthday cake for him. Cute!

First off, I’d like to point out that they are all very close. It actually surprises me, because I come from a family in which emotions are rarely expressed (and if they are expressed, it is either irritation, anger, or frustration). Despite their bickering (which there was a lot of) and dad’s attempts to keep the insults at bay (unsuccessful, I might add), there were lots of laughter and hugs. It was nice to see these moments come through; my favorite one was when Josh’s youngest sister had asked, “Where are all your roommates, Josh? Partying?” and then proceeded to finish her own question with, “No, they can’t be partying. Because the party is right here.”

Happy birthday Josh, indeed.

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