Road Trip 2: Erin Thompson Edition/ “The Hobbit”

Posted on Monday, December 17th, 2012 by Austin Gerth

I didn’t know how to use the flash on my camera.

Often, when people ask me how I came to choose Concordia, I’ll tell them simply that I chose it for the food. While this is the truth, it’s not the whole truth. I had two other reasons for coming to Concordia:

1. Most importantly (and this really can’t be stressed enough), the college offered me a bunch of money.

2. But also: Erin Thompson.

For those of you unfamiliar with her, Erin is a current Cobber sophomore, and a fellow graduate of Princeton High School, and this week she also happened to be my ride home for Christmas Break. Erin (and her car) played a pivotal role in my coming to Concordia by convincing me to apply in the first place (for it had always previously been my intention to attend a college in the Twin Cities area so that I could neglect my studies in favor of attending indie rock shows in Minneapolis). If memory serves me well, the conversation that got me to apply probably went something like this:

ERIN: [with uncontrollable, girlish excitement] “You should apply to Concordia!”

ME: [sarcasm] “Yeaahhhhhh….”

ERIN: “Next year I’ll have a car! We can ride home together!! You can help pay for gas!!! We’ll be best friends!!!!”

ME: “Whatever bro; I’ll think about it.”

And thus, Erin sent me stumbling down the road that led to the best decision I’ve ever made. Plus, she effectively got me this sweet job at the COBBlog. So kudos to her for having a rather large positive impact on my life.

Anyway, our car ride to Princeton was generally uneventful–topics of conversation included Frank Ocean’s awesomeness and how none of Erin’s so-called “friends” wanted to see “The Hobbit” with her; Erin’s pleasant-seeming roommate Mary rode with us to be dropped off in St. Cloud, though I unfortunately forgot to get a photo of her and Erin together to include in this post.

Upon arrival at home, I hooked up with my main man Eric, and we went to PHS’ sporadically held “Madrigal Dinner” event, which Erin also happened to attend. Afterward, Eric and I agreed that he and I should probably go see “The Hobbit” the next day. We naturally allowed Erin to tag along with us (because we’re her real friends [and also because she drove]); hopefully that’s one step closer to repaying her for her general nice-ness over the last couple years.



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