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I’m loving fellow blogger Rachel’s book buying tips for the upcoming semester. Since I am starting Religion 100, I know I’ll have to get a lot of books just for that one class. Here are a couple more options I’ve discovered for you to try out:


    A search for our Concordia College’s book exchange…

    Utilize the library. The Fargo Public Library, Moorhead Library, and Carl B. are all great resources for the required reading novels assigned in class. I know some libraries will also have guides and handbooks that some professors have also requested. I’m not sure, but I would guess that the Carl B. has almost all the books each professor requires for their courses.

  • Use Facebook groups. There are various Facebook groups created by Concordia students who hope to exchange books or find cheaper (and local!) alternatives to eBay’s or Amazon. Interesting enough, we aren’t the only Concordia in the world, and so there will be a mix of Concordia College, Concordia University, etc. in each group. It’s a great concept, and I very much like the idea.
  • Share with friends. If you and your roommates or friends are taking the same courses and don’t mind spending a lot of time together, splitting the cost of a book by sharing it is definitely a good option to keep in mind. Plus, on nights cramming for the impeding test, you will be able to moan about your procrastination together.

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