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After making fun of vegetarians my entire life, I have finally joined the pack — committed to meatless eating for as long as possible.  It comes as a rather large surprise not just to my friends but to myself that I finally decided to become a vegetarian, but after talking it over with friends and family, and thinking of the implications of a more plant-based diet (better skin, less cruel to animals, more sustainable) then I committed, and what a choice that was!

The cart of a blossoming vegetarian.

The cart of a blossoming vegetarian.

First, it should definitely be noted that I am a meat and potatoes kind of guy.  Many of my food pictures posted on this blog feature chicken, or steak, or some sort of delicious beef dish.  So I thought it would be a horrible transition, with several, serious cravings for meat.  Luckily, however, that has not happened, and here’s why.

Concordia’s fine folks in Dining Services offer many vegetarian counterparts to popular meat dishes (lasagna, stroganoff, casserole, and even meat loaf!).  So that’s been nice.  I also have been being more responsible in foods I purchase for home cooking: instead of ground beef, I buy beans; instead of meaty sauce, I add some extra vegetables.  It’s great.  I also just go to the Indian restaurant all the time.

Going meatless is a great decision.  It’s much less about the whole animal welfare thing (although, of course, that is a big deal too) but instead much more about living a sustainable, energy-filled life.

  1. ahinkle says:

    I have been Vegetarian for 6 almost 7 years and love it! I also went to Passage to India after you posted about it and love love loved it! I got some kind of lentil dish and it was so good! I also got mango lassi! YUM.

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