Spring Break in El Paso

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Troweling the concrete slab

So far the Habitat for Humanity trip to El Paso, Texas has been pretty great. After a long 28.5 hours, we arrived safely to our destination and were quickly introduced to the church we are staying at. After all 20 of us managed to work our way through the one shower we have (we’re showering at the YWCA the rest of the week. They just weren’t open on Sunday) we were whisked off by our bus drivers to our affiliates home to have homemade dinner and to find out what we are doing for the week.

On Monday we headed to the site where there is just a lot of dirt and the setup to pour the footing of the house. However there was a huge chunk of concrete that was in the way so the plumber wasn’t able to put in the pipes for the house so the footings weren’t able to be poured before we got here. So instead of building a house this week we are building a shed to store the tools and stuff in as well as patching and painting the concrete fence.

Putting up the frame for the shed

Putting up the frame for the shed

On Monday we were able to get the 10 foot by 10 foot slab for the shed poured. We mixed all the concrete by hand and myself and Jose, the volunteer that is working on the site, troweled out the concrete so that the slab was level and smooth. Then on Tuesday we were able to get the basic frame of the shed put together as well as get most of the fence painted.

So far the trip has been good. We have managed to get a few “extra” things in like going to the US Boarder Patrol Museum as well as talk to a few locals about the boarder since we are literally on the US/Mexico boarder and can see Juarez, Mexico from where we are staying.

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