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Over spring break I had the best time I could possibly imagine in Fort Myers, Florida with two great friends.  I literally  spent about seven to eight hours a day with laying on the best white sand beaches in the world, soaking up the sun and not caring about anything!



IMG_0870The vacation also didn’t seem to go by fast at all, partially because we did nothing every day.  The sun sure drains you though,  every night we were in bet quite early an.d up early the next to go out and do the exact same thing over and over again, and I couldn’t have planned it better.

One of the highlights of the trip was parasailing!  My mom had told me that it was one of the best times of her life and while I was down there I had to do it if I got the chance!  At about 650 feet in the air we saw dolphins and enjoyed the beautiful scenery from miles away.  It was truly one of the most serene experiences I’ve ever had!  If I could recommend one thing while in Fort Myers, it would definitely be parasailing!

Not only were the beaches amazing, but the atmosphere and food around them was equally as awesome.  Eating out for seven days in a row you definitely come across some great food.  We ate at several restaurants on the beach, some over marinas and water, and of course a few fast food places since were college kids.

All of the great times in Florida were something I will never forget but, knowing that I had to come back to the cold Minnesota winter didn’t make the flight home any easier.  The thing that did make it easier however, was coming back to Concordia.

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Hello, Im Corey and I’m a Freshman here at Concordia College. I absolutely love it here, and am so glad i chose this as my new home. I am from a small town near the twin cities, Zimmerman, Minnesota.

I love dorm life, and all of the friends I have made at Concordia. Here I plan to study business and a possible minor in accounting or business management. When I have free time I can often be found in Olson forum or in Memorial auditorium playing basketball or volleyball.

I am an only child and am very close with all my family and friends, spending time with them is something I will always love!