Concordia Band Recording Session

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Today and last night, the Concordia Band convened for some special time together making music. We had been busy for the last few weeks rehearsing music we had played earlier in the year. These rehearsals would culminate in this weekend’s recording session.

This was my first time in a recording session like today’s and last night’s. When I was in All-State bands, we had recording sessions, but we were limited by a time span of only one to two hours, in addition to a live performance that would also be recorded. The band spent six hours today and 90 minutes last night rehearsing and recording. I loved the focus of the ensemble. We would play an excerpt, and Dr. Haberman and Professor Beyers would critique us. We would then immediately make the necessary changes with little rehearsal–something I have never experienced before. The astounding musicianship of Concordia students impresses me every day.

The most inspirational part of the day was recording David Maslanka’s short symphony for band, “Give Us This Day.” I first heard this two-movement piece played by the St. Olaf Band. That was the first time in my life that a live performance shook me to my emotional core. I remember hearing the band’s powerful final chords and sitting in silent disbelief as the sound dissipated from the concert hall. Never would I have imagined that I would have the honor of not only performing but also recording the same piece. I cannot wait to get the CD on which we have worked so hard.

Cody warming up for today's recording

Cody warming up for today’s recording

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