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Earlier this week I joined about 70 fellow students in demanding for on campus sustainability changes.  For the past several weeks, several students and myself have been organizing an effort known as Occupy Lorentzsen.  Our goal: to collectively show the college administration — President Craft, Provost Krejci, and the Board of Regents — that Concordia students are quite serious about the college’s need to have a commitment to the environment and, at the same time, that we are fully capable of organizing to call for change.  Needless to say, it was a success.

It's a Great Day to Be a Cobber!

It’s a Great Day to Be a Cobber!

Our voices were heard by the college president and we heard his commitment to address our concerns in a formal way.  It is a very small yet needed first step in moving our campus forward.  All across the country, college students are fired up and committing themselves to sustainability efforts on campus, doing very similar events as Occupy.  At Concordia, as I wrap up my senior year, I am very happy with the direction the campus is moving.  We have a new President’s Sustainability Council, a permanent Sustainability Coordinator, and a very active Student Environmental Alliance.  Despite these great achievements, there are numerous concerns over the college’s investments in natural resources.  But conversations over these concerns are happening.  Best of all, our president is willing to hear our concerns.

Many colleges have very sustainable practices in place from top down: administrative decisions to, say, compost or fuel campus vehicles differently.  While that is slowly happening at Concordia, we have a much greater asset: engaged and committed students.  We’re not simply being handed things.  We’re learning and conversing and, sometimes, occupying to move this campus forward.

Indeed, it is a great day to be a Cobber!

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