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I was asked to be one of two students representing the Department of Sociology at this past weekend’s Cobber Celebration, a Saturday event for accepted students.  In the past years, I have represented my other major (political science) at these events, but I was excited to see how the benefits of a major in sociology would be presented to prospective students.

Dr. Natalie Peluso, a faculty member in the department, led the presentation which primarily focused on the vocational benefits of the major: critical thinking and writing skills, deep reading ability, travel experiences, and unique co-op/ independent study opportunities.  I was asked there primarily because of my experience with the last sociology major perk: co-op experiences.

As you likely know from reading this blog, I have an internship with the Downtown Community Partnership.  That internship also counts as a full semester course in sociology as a co-op credit, with Dr. Andrew Lindner supervising.  More importantly, my interest in downtowns and my role with this organization would not have occurred without my major in sociology.

This time last year I took a class called Urban Communities taught by Dr. Matthew Lindholm.  The final assignment for the course required students to get out in the community and dive into an issue affecting city life.  I ended up having an awesome project assignment (Fargo’s permanent flood protection) and in the process met a City Commissioner and learned a lot about the comprehensive plan for the city.  This connection, along with an assignment I had concurrently in my independent study, planted a seed of interest in Fargo’s downtown.  That interest and acquired knowledge played a big role in my interview for the Downtown Community Partnership.

The point: You may have no idea what you want to do (like me) but by immersing yourself in interesting course projects, you might eventually get an internship out of it!

Here’s to majoring in sociology!

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    As a fellow Sociology major (now graduated) of Concordia College, I must agree with Matt on the benefits of the major. Sociology is a fantastic way to take advantage of what a liberal arts learning experience tries to instill. I have been able to use many of the skills I honed in my sociology classes to great effect as both a Community Organizer for Minnesotans United for All Families and currently as a Legislative Assistant at the Minnesota State Senate. And the faculty are wonderful!

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