Bill Gates

Posted on Saturday, April 27th, 2013 by Austin Gerth

Bill Gates in action.

Bill Gates in action.

This morning Bill Gates spoke here at Concordia, and he neglected to jump over any chairs. Barring that minor disappointment, seeing Bill was still pretty rad. Students had the opportunity to submit questions for Bill online last week, and those whose questions were chosen got to sit onstage with Bill (Concordia’s President, Dr. William Craft, was also present onstage, and he threw out a few questions to Bill as well). Topics covered included Gates’ tenure at Microsoft and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s efforts to eradicate polio (which should be a thing of the past in around six [!] years, according to Gates). Only a certain portion of the Cobber student body were able to get tickets: sections of seats were given to Founders’ Day guests; the general public; and even students from MSUM, NDSU, and the University of North Dakota.

Gates’ visit to campus is a pretty big deal around here, as it has hopefully stirred up excitement among the Cobber populace, not only in terms of reigniting enthusiasm for the college community, but in a renewed devotion to Concordia’s mission of global citizenship and involvement. Bill, through his speech, demonstrated the ideal of what it means to do one’s part in positively shaping the affairs of the world.


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