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Green beans and potatoes!

Green beans and potatoes!

In the summer, I’ll quite often obtain various vegetables from family members, and I’m usually unsure of what to even do with them. I never really cook anything as it is, and if I found something in my cookbooks, I’d probably have to buy more things for my dish. If it weren’t for the internet, all that good food would go to waste.

Before my aunt left for Argentina, she gave me a bag of potatoes. I wasn’t really sure what to do with them, other than mash them, so I searched “potato recipes” on Google, and found some really good ones. I ended up making a dish with honey, mustard, salt, pepper, butter, and potatoes that was really easy and really good.

Just last night, my mom sent me home with a bag full of fresh green beans, so again, I searched recipes on Google. I found a good and easy recipe that just used olive oil, water, garlic, salt and pepper. All things I (again) had in my apartment! This one was made on the grill, which was even more delicious.

It’s nice to live in a time where I can just search different dishes quickly, and find something that already have all the ingredients for. It definitely helps me eat healthier!

  1. Rachel Meier says:

    My newest favorite thing to do with potatoes is cut them into chunks and wrap them in foil with a tablespoon of butter and some season all (or whatever seasoning) then you grill it for a half hour. The best part? After you grilled it and its still hot stick a slice of cheese in the foil for a couple minutes to melt it. YUM!

  2. Jasmine Lara says:

    I agree with Rachel, roasting potatoes like that is probably one of the best ways to eat them, in my opinion.
    This conversation is making me really hungry.

  3. Sandi says:

    I just saw a recipe where you steam the potatoes first (apparently this works best with small, “new” potatoes) and then smash them flat and fry them in butter or bacon fat until crispy. 🙂 Doesn’t that sound delicious?? I think I’ll try it tonight. . . .

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