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Posted on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013 by Kelsey Rausch

Everyone has one. A story, that is. A “How on earth did you end up at a small Norwegian Lutheran school?” story. My friends and I got to talking this weekend at my cabin about what brought us to Concordia. I found out that there wasn’t ONE single thing that brought us to the school. In fact, a whole bunch of random reasons brought us together. I thought it would be nice to share my story of how I ended up at Concordia.

some proud cobbers:)

some proud cobbers:)

I think most people would find it a funny surprise that I came across Concordia as a mistake. My junior year of high school, I signed up for a whole bunch of visits from several different college admission reps. I really had no clue what college I wanted to go to so I signed up for a whole variety of schools. I saw Concordia College in Moorhead and I thought that it sounded familiar. After staring at the name of the college for a while, I had finally convinced myself that Concordia is where my mom did her grad school. Which is not only wrong, it is impossible since Concordia is strictly an undergrad school. Only I found out that I was wrong when it was too late and I was already meeting with Kristen Halley, the admissions representative for my area. It took her some time to thoroughly convince me that there was absolutely no way that I was right about my mom going there for her grad school, but once we were past that, I was completely captured by the way she spoke about Concordia and all that it had to offer. The main thing that really caught my attention was Concordia’s focus on traveling abroad. I had just gotten back from a trip over seas the year before and so I was excited about the prospect of traveling abroad again. Another thing that really made me decide to come to Concordia was the way that Kristen was so passionate about the school. I know people who are passionate about their school’s sports team or whatever, but I had never heard anybody talk about their college experience with such gratitude and enthusiasm. I was sold. After that meeting, I did a little more research on Concordia and other schools but I was already sure of where I was meant to go to college.
One friend of mine actually met with Kristen Halley and credited the main reason she looked into Concordia was because of her enthusiasm as well. It was cool to find out that we were both at Concordia because of the same person! My other friends all had various reasons for coming to Concordia, but the really awesome thing about it all is that each and every one of us love our school and are happy we chose to come here.

  1. Jasmine Lara says:

    I absolutely LOVED Kristen’s energy! I was so sad to hear that she was leaving 🙁

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