A Guide to F-M (Collegetown Version)

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Showing off our bowling skills.

Showing off our bowling skills.

With the end of the Collegetown month comes a lot of reflection, as the students know from their constant journaling in class. However, as I sat and conversed with my beloved participants, I realized that the month full of activities could also provide some insight to incoming freshmen and transfer students who are not familiar with the Fargo-Moorhead area (just like our international guests!).

Here is are the more notable places/events we went to during our short month together:

  • Bonanzaville – A historical site that throws back to the “frontier” days of America. The interactive shops and houses are always interesting to the international students who want to see the old West in person.
  • Downtown Fargo – from shopping along Main Avenue to spending hours in the local coffee shops along Broadway, downtown was a favorite destination for the students.
    -Specifically, the Plains Art Museum was a favorite, quiet place to observe local art, followed by Teaberry, a local bubble-tea cafe, and Zandbroz Variety, a unique bookshop and nick-nack store.
  • Newman Outdoor Field – watching the Redhawks was really interesting for the students who had never experienced American baseball before. The whole atmosphere is an experience to enjoy and one that many Americans take for granted.
  • Thunder Road – a small amusement park for families that offered go-karting and laser tag. I spent my evening playing a leisurely game of mini-golf there, and the students had great fun trying out the batting cages.
  • Bowling at The Bowler – The Bowler has Rock-n-Bowl, where they play classic rock music as patrons bowl their hearts out. I loved the cheer and enthusiasm we had for each player, gutter ball or strike.

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