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Even though I never left campus, I’m still pretty excited for move in day! I can’t wait to see my friends, get to know some of the incoming students, and get back into the swing of things with class.

My clubbies and I on day three of orientation!

My clubbies and I on day three of orientation!

With move in day being only a month away, I figured that I should probably let you guys in on a couple secrets about moving to college. It may not seem like that big of a deal to some people, but really, it is. The residence hall community at Concordia is so strong; in a couple weeks, your dorm room will be your home.

So, my first piece of advice to you is to pack lightly. If you’re like me and you’re one of those people that packs everything (including the kitchen sink) for those “just in case” moments, you’re going to want to start packing now and slowly weeding out all the things that you don’t need, like ten different pairs of high heels or 15 different ties. Really, you’ll only need one pair for those VERY special occasions, like the formal Harvest Ball, or when you need to dress up for a presentation. That being said, make sure you pack some dress clothes. Some profs do require that you dress up for presentations and speeches. Also pack at least two outfits for warmer weather–while it may be warm the day you move in, the weather is unpredictable!

Try to bring only the things that you know you won’t be able to get/live without when you move to Fargo-Moorhead. The FM area is pretty big—if you need something really badly that you didn’t bring

Don't pack too many clothes, or else your room will end up looking like this!

Don’t pack too many clothes, or else your room will end up looking like this!

with, there’s loads of stores around that you could get one from. Don’t have a car? You’ll end up knowing someone who does. Not to mention Walgreens, Hornbachers, and about 12 different restaurants are within walking distance from campus.

Move in day is going to be BUSY! And (no matter how ready you are to move away) you’re going to be sad when your parents leave, and nervous when you walk into the gym and meet your clubbies for the first time. Just remember to breathe, be patient, and most of all be yourself. There will be loads of people around on move in day to help you get settled in, so if you brought the futon, the fridge, the TV, AND the microwave, don’t sweat it—someone will be glad to help you carry it to the 6th floor of your building. Your clubbies and Orientation Leaders are going to be some of your greatest friends on campus–get to know them right away, and let them know you. Your freshman year is going to be everything you wanted, and so much more! 🙂

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Hello! My name’s Jasmine Lara, but most people call me Jazzy.

If I miraculously stick on my current career path, when I graduate from Concordia I will have a major in Social Work and Spanish, along with a minor in Psychology. Before I came to Concordia, I called Litchfield, Minnesota my home.

I’m a first generation Cobber, and the first to go to college in my family in general! Needless to say, I’m pretty proud of myself ☺. Because of this, I’m not taking my time here at Concordia for granted. Currently I’m involved in Hall Council, Homecoming Committee, and Echo Band, along with working for Dining Services and Maurices in West Fargo.

In my spare time, I like to lounge around with my friends and explore the wonderful place we call Fargo-Moorhead. On weekends you’ll often find me with my friends, whether it’s hanging out in one of their rooms, or at Kroll’s diner chowing down on one of their awesome milkshakes.

Concordia has brought me many new opportunities, some that I have yet to even figure out. Until I figure them out though, I’m just going to enjoy my time here—in my opinion, there’s nothing better than being a Cobber!