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Buying textbooks might be one of the most dreaded experiences that any college student has to go through. If you buy them through the campus bookstore, you often buy the books at outrageous prices. If you buy them online, you pay not-so-outrageous prices, but shipping costs can add up quickly. Renting textbooks is an alternative, but if you are like me, you like being able to write in your textbooks and, let’s face it, throw it in your backpack and not really care if it gets torn, damaged, or soiled. I am the kind of person who buys their textbooks online unless the campus bookstore offers a better deal. My favorite site from which to purchase books is half.com, an eBay affiliate. You can buy from individuals or from companies–usually bookstores. You can even see where the book comes from. I have been able to get books there for as little as 75 cents–less than the cost of shipping. This is the tale about a shipping cost.

Since I am taking Religion 100 with Hilda Koster this semester, one of the required texts is the Harper Collins Study Bible. I purchased this particular book online, and the standard $3.49 for shipping. This morning, I noticed a Study Bible on the table, and I thought it belonged to one of my roommates. Then Hannah told me that someone dropped it off for me. I noticed some papers sticking out of the book, and one of them was a note along with $3.50 in cash. It’s not that much in the grand scheme of the costs of my books, but I appreciate it a lot nonetheless. It reminds me how awesome people at Concordia can be (since it’s a Study Bible and it came from someone in Moorhead, there is little doubt in my mind that the person went to Concordia). As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I want to be someone who feels they can depend on the kindness of strangers.

“Daniel, Thanks for buying the book. I live in Moorhead too so here is money back for shipping. Enjoy!”

This made my morning.

This made my morning.

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