Ahh, family.

Posted on Monday, August 5th, 2013 by Kelsey Rausch

This weekend, my family hosted a big family reunion at my cabin. If anyone has ever wondered how I got to be how I am, I could easily refer them to this side of my family and they would understand. The Rausch’s are a whole bunch of loud, opinionated, fun-loving, sometimes obnoxious, Minnesotans.

My cute little cousin Emily :)

My cute little cousin Emily 🙂

It’s always entertaining when we are all together and this weekend was no exception. I was super glad that I decided to go, as I could’ve decided to go camping with friends that weekend instead. I often find myself feeling like I have such a short time at home and that I should spend as much of it as possible with my hometown friends because I hardly get to see them. I’ve realized this past year that I’ve been letting my familial “obligations” (ok, obligations makes it sound like a punishment, but I don’t mean it that way!) fall to the wayside. With working forty hours a week, and spending many evenings each week out with friends, I hardly get to see my family! So recently, I have been planning specific evenings and days to actually do things with my family. It’s very easy to forget to hang out with the people who are supposed to love and be there for you no matter what. Many kids go off to college ready to say “sayonara” to their parents. My advice: don’t be too quick to write your parents and family out of your life. You’ll find down the road that you’ll need them even more than you might’ve anticipated.

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