The Maiden Voyage of My Milkshake Maker

Posted on Wednesday, September 18th, 2013 by Austin Gerth

El Presidente

El Presidente.

On Monday we made milkshakes, my room mate and I. They were grand; they were so good it didn’t even make sense how good they were. I felt a sense of achievement that was totally uncalled for given the circumstances. We attributed their goodness to our impeccable choice of ingredients (which had been painstakingly vetted beforehand): 2% milk, Our Family brand vanilla bean ice cream, Jiff Natural peanut butter, Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate syrup, diced banana. If there was one flaw with our milkshaking, it was that my milkshake maker is actually very small once you get it out of the box (it’s definitely meant for single servings), so it’s difficult to serve multiple people in a timely fashion. We got around this by splitting a single milkshake into two different cups twice in a row.

This being kind of a test run for the maker, we tried to keep what we were doing a secret from our friends and floor mates. Every aspect of the venture was meticulously planned beforehand: we removed the maker’s composite parts from the box and studied them and their assembly instructions; we researched milkshake ingredients and possible flavor options (and had the attendant debate over whether to pursue a more straightforward set of ingredients, or to go the more avant garde route and put mangoes and Mountain Dew in them or something); we stole away to Sun Mart without anyone suspecting a thing, where we wandered the aisles searching high and low for just the right ingredients; and we borrowed knives and spoons from Hoyum’s front desk. The only evidence anything interesting happened in Hoyum 218 this past Sunday night are these two tastefully shot Vines, made to document our exploits:

@Austin_Gerth Makes a Milkshake Pt. 1

@Austin_Gerth Makes a Milkshake Pt. 2

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