How to Deal with a Busy Week

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The biggest difference in my opinion between college and high school is the work load.  With out a doubt in my mind that is the definite thing that separates the two.  The thing about the work load in college is it all seems to pile the highest all at the same time.  Dealing with a tough week can be one of the most stressful things, but learning how to make the week a bit easier can make all the difference! This week I, myself, have a tough week filled with two really important exams.  I’ve been using my methods and so far this week has been not so bad!

The first thing I recommend is to get plenty of sleep.  This can sometimes be difficult, but having enough sleep is extremely crucial in being productive throughout the week.  If you’re drowsy and not alert, it makes studying and paying attention in class about a thousand times harder.

Study Session for Econ!

Study Session for Econ!

The second thing I suggest is to take study breaks.  Taking study breaks can relieve plenty of stress and also keep your mind fresh and ready to go.  I often take a trip to Olson or Memorial to get some physical activity in as my break.

The final thing, is to plan your day.  Knowing when and where you’re going to do something is a big help in getting what you need to get done, done.  Waking up and giving yourself a schedule can really improve the amount of work you complete.

Hopefully all these simple tips can help anyone cope with a busy week.

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