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Posted on Tuesday, November 12th, 2013 by Kelsey Rausch

The first snow fall last year. If you can't tell from the picture, we were only a little excited :)

The first snow fall last year. If you can’t tell from the picture, we were only a little excited 🙂

There is ONE thing that makes the cold weather bearable. Actually, it makes it more than bearable; it makes it wonderful. It can be blustery and below freezing, but as long as there is this one thing, I will be happy. You may be wondering: what is this one thing that Kelsey keeps talking about?!
Well that wonderful thing that I’m referring to is SNOW! I love snow and I was absolutely ecstatic to see it return to Minnesota this weekend…even though it was just a little dusting. I love snow and seriously cannot wait until our first real snow fall! Last year, my friends and I took full advantage of the snow and had several snow ball fights and played king of the snow pile. Also, while this campus is always beautiful, it is particularly gorgeous when everything is frosted with fresh, white snow. Last year was the year of the snow days. Concordia had a record two and a half snow days! Way up from the usual zero. My friends and I took full advantage of the snow days and always made sure to completely ignore all of the homework we said we would get done. It was always a blast. Also, the first snow fall is when Minnesota shows its true colors. There is something about being miserably cold that brings Minnesotans together. You can always start up a conversation with a stranger about last nights winter storm, or lack thereof. Also, my favorite thing about the first snowfall is driving on the slippery roads and laughing at how nice and considerate (most) of the other drivers are. It’s almost like Minnesotans have this “we’re all in this together”** mentality and if someone slips and spins into the middle of an intersection when it was clearly red, people let them go through without getting mad! Or one time, I saw someone spin out into a ditch and immediately three cars pulled off to the side of the road to help the person. It just makes me so happy to live in such a helpful and happy state:) So many good things happen when there is snow!

**You know…like High School Musical? 🙂

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