Mass Choir Rehearsal

Posted on Thursday, November 14th, 2013 by Mikayla Bergeron


Even though this Christmas Concert is no longer Dec 6-8, This is still a great picture of the theme that is being used for the Concert.

Wednesday of this week was the first of many mass choir rehearsals here at Concordia College. This included all five choirs and was held in the Centrum in the campus center.  This first rehearsal was basically a run through of all mass choir pieces but it was still wonderful to hear what all the choirs sound like together. These rehearsals are very important especially when it is only the choirs together. This allows all of the choirs to work towards better tone, having the same vowel sound and also working on staying together. Once the orchestra is added it will be very difficult to stop and spend time correcting these things because the amount of time we have for rehearsals is short. As these rehearsals become more frequent, I’m sure that all of the major piece will come together and make a glorious Christmas Concert.

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