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Love is Love shirts are here! One of my favorite parts of the year is getting this huge delivery of massive amounts of t-shirts to distribute to fellow Cobbers, because I love mail, I love these t-shirts, and I love that there are so many supportive people on this campus. This year was extra exciting because we got v-necks in addition to crewnecks, and we’ll be getting snapback hats in the mail pretty soon here as well!

Putting together all of the shirt orders reall560121_235233766639368_1116406340_ny got me thinking about how amazingly lucky I am, in so many ways.

First of all, we sold just as many shirts as we did last year, and that’s really indicative of how amazing this campus is. Last year, there was just so much more fire and hype around SAGA because of different political things going on and other things happening around campus, so it seemed pretty reasonable that we would have sold so many. To do it two years in a row, however, is just outstanding and gets me feeling really sentimental about the people I’ve surrounded myself with.

Second, SAGA has an amazing group of folks that come to meetings every week and are just generally jazzed about helping out and being involved. It took us only about an hour to get 400 shirts sorted and ready to put in campus mailboxes, because we just have that amazing of a team.

I’m extremely lucky to have gotten to co-lead SAGA for the past two years. It’s been an absolutely amazing experience.

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