Posted on Tuesday, November 19th, 2013 by Kelsey Rausch

Look at all the progress I'm making!

Look at all the progress I’m making!

I highly doubt that there is a single class at Concordia where you don’t have to write at least one paper. I actually just wrote a paper for my math class. That’s right, folks. MATH. I had to write a three page paper for math. I’m not complaining…I mean I’m an English major! I like writing papers! However, I truly believe that being able to write well (heck even eloquently) is a skill that every single major should have. I also truly believe that Concordia agrees with me and that they do a wonderful job of trying to get their students to be able to present themselves well on paper. Before coming to college, I thought that I was good at writing. I thought that I knew how to write a great paper. I quickly learned that, although I’m not terrible at writing, I definitely have A LOT of improvement I need to make in order to consider myself a “good” writer. There is a quote out there that says that the only way you can improve your writing is to write, write, write some more, and then when you’re done writing, write some more. Concordia is definitely trying to get me to follow this advice. I have 4 papers to write in the next 2 weeks and they are no small ones either. More specifically, I have an 8-10 page paper due this Friday and I am slowly chipping away at at…I have one page done. But it is one heck of a page, let me tell you!! It’s slow going but I know that after I’m done writing it, I will be an even better writer than I was before I wrote it.

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