Fudge in Anderson Commons

Posted on Tuesday, January 21st, 2014 by Austin Gerth

Today a new dessert appeared in DS.




I’ve often wondered to myself what fudge made by Concordia’s dining staff might taste like; many times I’ve surveyed the desserts in Anderson Commons and thought, “Is that fudge?” only to be disappointed by a deceptively thick brownie, or this one circular cake-ish dessert that has a fudge-y filling, but is not, ultimately, fudge.

For a year and a half I’ve waited. For a year and a half I’ve wondered if I would ever see the day.

I had nearly given up hope. Maybe they just don’t serve fudge; maybe they’ve tried serving fudge before, but the fudge they make is so delicious that it causes irreversible addiction in all who consume it, leading inevitably to looting and riots and pandemonium and Irresponsible Engagement with the World; maybe the culinary staff make fudge but then they just horde it all and only share it with the topmost ranks of Dining Services’ Student Managers, who are inevitably sworn to secrecy: all of these and more crossed my mind as possible explanations for the absence of fudge in Anderson Commons’ otherwise admirable and wide-ranging culinary canon.

Turns out it was none of those reasons, I guess.

But anyway, there was fudge today in DS and I almost couldn’t believe my eyes or my tongue. Saliva ensued. I ate a quantity of fudge that proved to be highly controversial among my friends; I don’t know why. It tasted like Heaven.

So that’s one more reason to add to the list: “You should come to Concordia College. We have fudge here.”

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