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Posted on Saturday, January 25th, 2014 by Kelsey Rausch

This weekend, Concordia’s campus was inundated with prospies. Students from high schools everywhere flooded the campus to participate in scholarship interviews and auditions, as well as choral festivals! It’s always interesting to watch the prospies experience the campus for the first time. They get lost in the lingo that is already established at Concordia and sometimes get confused as to what in the world us Cobbers are talking about! So I thought I would write a guide to help out those who might be confused with the Cobber Vernacular.

First off, prospies is the name we give to “prospective students”. Some people (mostly adults and faculty) think we use the term derogatively, but really it’s just a name! Honestly, some students on campus get SO excited to meet and host prospies. I know a couple people who literally shout “COME TO CONCORDIA!” whenever they see a tour walk past them. It’s hilarious and not uncommon.

Another term that some people might not understand is DS. DS stands for “dining services”, but we use it as a name for Anderson Commons, which is where we eat all our meals. Don’t ask anyone why we call is DS…nobody really knows. It really doesn’t make sense either. It should be called DC for Dining Center or AC for Anderson Commons but no…its DS and that is what it will be called for probably the remainder of eternity.

now you know what this means!

now you know what this means!

Often you hear Cobbers joke about “BREWing“. BREW stands for “Becoming Responsibly Engaged in the World”, which is a big part of Concordia’s mission. While most Cobbers truly strive to BREW, it’s kind’ve a funny acronym and people like to make jokes about it quite often.

Lastly, many people refer to Erickson and Hallet dorms as “East” or “East Complex”. However, if you look on any maps, you won’t find anything directing you to East. These dorms are located (obviously) on the East side of campus, across from the Welcome Center and kitty corner to Olson Forum. So if anyone ever directs you to “East”, that’s where you should go!

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